Saturday, 10 August 2013

Whale watching, Alaska and back into Canada again

We left on the Tuesday ferry from Prince Rupert (which turned out to be quite a nice place to chill for a couple of days) and very soon made friends with our fellow motorcyclists on board, a different group of individuals but all here to enjoy motorcycling and the views in one of the last unspoilt wilderness's of the world. The Ferry is operated by the Alaskan Marine Highway ferry company and it is just that, it connects a host of small settlements on the Alaskan seaboard who have no other way of leaving the various islands and peninsulas that make up this spectacular coastline. Tuesday night we found we had 5 hours in port in Ketchican so we all the motorcyclists got of and had a collective meal in town, a great way to get to know each other. To be honest everybody on the boat was friendly and the whole thing was a great experience, we spent a fair time with Len, former schoolteacher and now a expedition guide, he gave us lots of advice on things to see and do in Alaska and the Yukon,
We had Wednesday afternoon whale watching, my photos don't do it justice, we must have seen at least 50 whales making their way past the boat feeding to stock up for the journey South to calf.
The bad thing was we were up at 02.30 AM for a supposed 3.15 disembark in Haines Alaska, we got off about 3.45 and spent an hour taking group photos, saying goodbyes and waiting for some light!
Fi and I set off when it was still Dusk, we knew the dangers from the wildlife at this time of the morning so rode cautiously keeping an eye out for the Bears, Moose, Deer and Caribou that are around here. It was also cold and wet the first since a long time, not good. After 50 miles the Canadian border, all the motorcyclists re grouped and we brewed up Tea for ourselves and Dave at the side of the road in pissing rain  whilst Kevin and brother Neville kept us entertained by putting their new gear into use to brew coffee. Eventually the border opened, the girl was a bit grumpy and didn't like my reply to her question "so what brings you to Canada" I replied, em well a motorbike , she then replied, oh a smart arse, do you want this to be difficult?  I apologised and we were waved through. A breakfast stop at Haines Junction and we met up with Kevin, Neville and Dave again, realising there were more opportunities for giving each other abuse we agreed to stop at the comically named Beaver Creek for the evening. The rain eventually stopped (after I was soaked through) and unbelievably the sun came out later.We had a great night at Buckshot Betty's and then spent the rest of the night making up ideas for reality TV shows. A great few days in superb company and thanks to all for making the last few days memorable.
Sunset at Prince Rupert

A nice Harbour


Waiting for the ferry

This Ferry to be precise

Hanging around in queues

Nice Lighthouse

Sunset in the inner sound

Coming back from shore leave with Michael Angelo (Yamaha FZ1)

Waking up to this, not at all bad

Narrow and shallow waters in parts

Pretty, pretty

Sister ship heading south

Stop at Juneau

Holiday snap, Note the new haircut, 2nd in 8 months and as bad as the first1

Dive dive dive

Bye Bye, stunning creatures

You get the idea hopefully

Ploughing through the water

Thar she blows!

This is me being too slow to catch the one that jumped right out the water but I got the splash!

Another night

Another morning (4am)

Setting off in the danger zone

Our new friends outside Buckshot Betty's, L - R Kevin, Fiona, Dave and Neville


  1. Great photos yet again glad you arrived safely hopefully speak soon take care ,Laura and co xxxxxxx

    1. Not arrived yet sis, hopefully speak tomorrow xx

  2. Well done you two, some crackin photo's. Mind yer tea shot photo for the end of your journey. Dan and Jack xx

    1. Not the end just another milestone, still loads to see and do . Depending on the bikes of course!