Monday, 17 December 2012

Getting cooler

We left Trelew Sunday morning and got our first real taste of Patagonian wind (no not that kind!!) It made for a hard ride, passing trucks was a difficult operation threatening to blow us off the road, after a day of that I felt I had a neck like Mike Tyson, demanding and to be honest mostly deadly boring, Ruta 3 for the most part is as straight as an arrow for as far a your eyes can see. There are some hill around Commodora Rivadavia which provided shelter from the wind and some bends to enjoy, we cmped just South at the municipal site at Rada Tilly (nice but the hippies that were there must have had serious loose bowel issues and the bogs were rank!) We met  couple from France, retired, now living in Brazil and doing their 6th trip to Ushuaia this year, now for the first time on  trike, oh and they have been round the world twice on a small 2 person boat! I am an amatuer!!
Today was kinder to us but getting colder, another push South another few hundred miles nearer Antartica! Camping in the small but nice town of St Julian, good toilets!! No hippies!!
Just been joined by Frank who's teamed up with a fellow German and Wayne all heading South. The good pics and stories I have to keep for the book and the slideshow ha ha (joking) really all about getting the miles done at the moment, thousands of acres of grass and not much else to look at, openness and solitude, if you want it, find it here!
Our digs for the weekend

The OK corrall

Good beer

The place revolutions are planned

Waiting for a Welsh train

Life size mannekins!

Tribute to the oil workers!

Still looks nice but thermals on now!


  1. You two are amazing, and mrs. Gino is a real doll!
    some great reading and photos here... many thanks for posting!
    Take it easy and safe.. my best to you

  2. Its easy Don, beats the office any day! Thanks for reading!