Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pretty pretty

Working (as always) on the bikes today, just got the head for the Mk3 Commando back from Alex who's done a great job of Aqua Blasting it. Looks too good to put on the bike now, if only I had a larger mantlepiece!
Valves ground in and now just waiting for a couple of odds and ends to get it finished and back on the bike. Hopefully have it running again by the weekend but then I need to find somewhere to store it for the Winter so that I can get on with my other projects. Next is a MK3 Le Mans needing fettled and some TLC but I need to sell it when its going to make space, actually need to sell more as its a joke at the moment with the lack of room but I can't bring myself to do it!
I've started easing myself into the selling thing by listing a Norton Tank on fleabay, need more room!

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