Friday, 29 January 2010


Yes thank god its Friday! Despite my lack of "conventional" employment its still good when Friday comes around. This week I've been busy working on my old Commando MVD. I felt it was long overdue a front end rebuild, the seals were weeping and the chrome was starting to dissapear from the fork legs. I aslo read good reports on a damper kit for the front end from Landsdown engineering which actually gives controllable damping both compression and rebound which has to be an improvement on the original setup.
So all new parts ordered including the damping kit, I renewed everything and put in extended top bushes from RGM motors. Its taken longer than normal as everything was meticulously cleaned, checked and built and polished where neccessary.
So this afternoon (Friday) I was quite chuffed to finish it roll it of it's stand and check the new improved suspension, guess what, I now have an almost rigid front end!! Bugger!! I reckon I haven't got enough clearance in the new bushes and fork legs so I'll probably have to start all over again on Monday. Not so happy at the moment about that but its the old moan I suppose, why is it when you buy bushes or any other critical part you always have to engineer a fix yourself, I even had to grind part of the new fork spring with the Dremel to get it to fit past the damper. The damper kit is excellent and in no way to blame. Moral of the story don't buy a Norton unless you are a bit handy with the spanners, grinding wheel, emery paper, lathe, milling machine and welding equipment, joking of course (about the milling machine)
So thats it I'm going to immerse myself in Alcohol now in an effort to blot out the mental anguish. Hopefully get out on the Guzz this weekend though!

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