Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New York City madness

So the few days in the New York have been as mad as I thought, to be fair its easy to get around but the thing that gets me is the people, there's so many of them, this really is the city that never sleeps.
It is a pretty amazing place though, the buildings are huge, just as huge as some of the people and its great to see the places I've only seen on the TV. Its also been strange to meet with my Aunt & Uncle, Leanne & Darren who's wedding we are going to today and yesetrrday we met up with Liz, so all the way across the Atlantic and its like being back hame!
The plan is wedding today, hangover tomorrow and post some stuff home then Thursday back on our way South, stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

Just like the TV!
Times Square, don't fancy paying the electric bill here!
Of course Darth Vader off to work!
Two Statyes of Liberty
The impressive Grand Central Station
and again
Madison Gardens
The Flatiron building, because it looks like an old flat iron of course
Yellow cabs everywhere
We came across a French exprience in Bryant Park
This never took off it was just for show 
Interesting building
Times Square, Doughnut time obviously
Spiderman and his mates just hanging around
Empire State Building
Leanne & Fiona
Pre Wedding speeches from Leanne & Darren
Fi & Liz outside Maceys, I won't share with you just how many hours I've spent both inside & outside this building!


  1. Love the movie! I want to get back out there.
    Kevin Carol Kale and Connor

    1. Hi Kevin
      It is addictive ! Good videos of you guys, re creates the moment. Regards to Carol Kale & Conor
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Hi Gino and Fiona. Seeing as I've been following your epic trip since the very beginning, thought it was about time I posted a comment before you guys are back home in Bonnie Scotland!! I've loved reading about your amazing adventure...its a great escape from hum-drum life in Perth!! All your photos are fantastic and nice to see the return of some church ones a few posts back...Laura will be pleased to see them, haha!! And your videos are really great too, don't know how you find the time to put them altogether cos it sounds like you're on the go all the time!! When you're in Orlando, look out for signs for the Gaylord Convention Centre...made us laugh everytime we saw it when we were there, sad folk that we are!!!
    Look after yourselves, keep up the great blog and enjoy the rest of your travels! Cheers, Ali, Kev, Scott and Jon...the Sandeman neighbours!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments, not sure either how we keep up with the blog, certainly no time for lazing around. We're really enjoying the trip and it's great to see people sharing it with us. I missed a Church opportunity yesterday, I know Laura will be disappointed !
    We'll look out for the sign in Orlando!
    Gino & Fiona