Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Florida to Daytona Beach

We left Savannah Sunday and rode south, crossing into the sunshine state, Florida, it was damned hot and we made our way to Fernandina beach state park. There was what seemed to be a half marathon on, running in that heat was taking its toll on the backmarkers we passed, I'm sure they could have got a bus and saved the pain!
So camping at a reasonable price again, excellent. We stayed two nights but yesterday the weather turned and it got rainy and windy but no matter it was great to be camping by the sea again. Last night we were lucky to cook dinner in between showers and even managed to get a good fire going. Today we rode further South to Daytona Beach, famous of course for the racetrack and for the bike events held here. The annual October Bike fest is this weekend so the place is filling up fast with thousands of Harleys, we are heading tomorrow so will miss the main event but at least we got a feel for it, funnily enough we feel like aliens on our "adventure" bikes amongst all the laid back cruising dudes but hey ho. Our hotel tonight is axcellent and crazily costs less than some of the campsites we have stayed in. Tomorrow Orlando to catch up with my niece Nicola, her husband Brian and daughter Lucy for a few days (until they get fed up of us and throw us out!) It feels now that we are coming to the end but I'm sure we still have adventures to live, its not over until we land in Edinburgh.....whenever that is! 29500 miles so far and many tales to tell , hopefully a few more in the coming weeks so keep watching.

I bought a dozen beers and never realised they were very small until I got back to the tent...dissapointed!
Our wee campsite
This is what its about, sunsets and a campfire (and small beers....and some whisky)
Into MacD's in town to blag free wifi, the staff are worked too hard obviously, these guys were on their break
Fort Clinch, used during the Civil war by Unuin soldiers
Quite spacious....
Fi doing the washing
How does it feel to sit on tons of gunpowder?
Very orderly
Big guns, these took 10 men each to work, minimum of 6
They have guys pretending its still in the day, interesting to find out more about the civil war. Not too dissimilar to whats going on just now in Capitol Hill
Out looking for alligators
getting close
but they were hiding from us, dissapointed and relieved at the same time
Watching this guy foraging in the tidal wash
3 bags of firewood for our wet night here!
Daytona beach
Jacuzzi overlooking the sea, not bad for 30 quid a night
I liked this, what it means of course is no people soliciting rather than no Scottish Lawyers but it was funny anyway!


  1. Hi Baith,
    Jist hame,so catchin' up wi' yir journey..jist watch fur the alligators on the roads,we wir talkin' tae a lassie rider frae Florida and she jist held oan as she rode ower its back..she recommends yi avoid ridin atween the eyes..thir's a big mooth there.
    We did the Barber m/c event last weekend...fandabidozi an' then some..museum has mair than 500 bikes..no awfy faur frae Florida.squeeze it in if yi can,ah'll gie yi yir money back if yi dont like it ('n a don't like museums)

    1. Ye'll no believe it but we were almost there last weekend, met some guys who told us about the racing there but decided to give it a miss. Looking oot fir thon strange beasties in the road.
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Still enjoying the blog, great photos and speel, last video was one of the best, thought at first the guy in uniform was you wi yer specs on haha. Craig would have been jealous of the barracks instead of Fort George eh. Hope you both manage to get in as much fun and bike miles before the home journey, take care be safe.John

    1. Cheers Bro, good to hear fom you , that guys is 100 years older than me you cheeky B********. Still rocking on
      Gino & Fiona

  3. Hahaha the bunks reminded me of the bothies at the salmon fishing. You guys have done an amazing tour so far........Awesome, springs to mind.

    1. Hi Bisq
      Thanks, we realise how lucky we've been to be able to do this and we appreciate the comments
      Gino & Fiona