Monday, 7 October 2013

Escape from the big City South and now West

We left New York on Thursday, a bit intimidated by the traffic, we of course took some wrong turnings just to get the stress levels up! As we approached the Tunnel from Queens to Manhattan I got stopped by a Cop who told me it was a secure area and I had to take my Go Pro camera off my helmet. As I was doing that his buddy was telling Fiona he was writing me a ticket for running a stop sign (again!) then I heard him saying "where are these plates from? you can't ride a bike in the USA with foreign plates" Luckily the guy who was speaking to me was a bit cleverer and told him we were from Scotland (which he'd figured out himself) and just to let us go! Sense prevailed.
More wrong turns led us along 34th street past Macy's, the Empire State building and the New Yorker Hotel, all week we'd been walking there thinking thank god we aren't on the bikes here and now we were. To be honest it wasn't that bad despite the impatient taxi drivers. We headed south of New York into New Jersey and towards the coast, at Cape May we took a ferry to Delaware where we stopped for the night. Friday saw us over the impressive 17 mile bridge and tunnel down the Atlantic to Virginia and Virginia beach, a weekend of relaxing and getting eaten alive by the mozzies!
Sunday we headed West to North Carolina to meet up with Susan (Lindsay Barrie's sister) from Milnathort who lives here, a pleasant night and top class hospitality, thanks Susan. Today we were heading further West but got caught up in the tail end of Tropical Storm Karen which made riding almost suicidal, after a guy spun his car right in front of us across the three lanes in the freeway (and then passed us again a few minutes later) we decided to call it a day, only 90 miles but when it's unsafe its crazy to continue. Plan is to head towards the "Tail of the Dragon" in the next couple of days, a famous biking road in these parts, hopefully the storm will die out and give us back the sunshine!

Another Ferry!
Nice Cafe, better than Hull anyway!
Bikes stowed enjoying the rest
Stunning sunset
Free Wifi on the ferry, impressive
Smaller than the original
Another day another sandwich and petrol stop!
Bridge and tunnel, 17.5 miles long across the Atlantic, impressive
Fishing off the pier in the centre, the lady had snagged a rock, nae fush!
Virginia Beach boarwalk
I wasn't too impressed with this
Sandcastles for grown ups
Lazing around
Mozzie hell!!
Fi caught this guy breaking into our tent, she kissed it but was still left with me....
Arriving at Susans abode, our bikes got to sleep in the Garage woo hoo
The ladies enjoying a wine!


  1. Gino, Fiona Jings riding through NYC. You are brave. I drive occasionally under close supervision but that's all. The problem is the crazy signage and cops around every corner. Pity you didn't have time to visit Malc's in Brooklyn, looks like he'll have to come to Scotland to meet the famous world travellers.
    We are continuing to enjoy very much your trip. I still can't figure out how you manage to document it and ride a motor-bike. Good anyway, however you manage it.

    Continuing good fortune on the trip.

    Eric fae Smokeytoon.

    1. Hi Eric
      I was hoping you'd get in touch while we were in NYC we would have liked to catch up with Malc , thanks for the comments it makes the effort worthwhile. Catch up with you soon

    2. Hi Gino, sorry about the poor communications but Malc was in Vermont while you were in NYC and what with your wedding and all that I didn't pursue the matter.

      All the best to you both Eric

  2. Hi Gino .Fi wee change on the colour o the tree's up at lochearnhead power cut tonight at Clachan . Enjoyed yer movie .Yer a dark horse wi that singing bit stick tae the day joab riding the bike. Just goin up to the store to get the candles Dan

    1. Should have stuck in at choir practice I know. Power cut at the Clachan, not even a lightbulb to heat the place up then. Enjoy & BTW the vids are all Fiona's work, she has taken over as producer & editor!