Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Tail of the Dragon

As we travelled across the USA many motorcyclists have told us about this road, 318 bends in 11 miles so it would have been rude not to go there to see what its like. It also gave us a chance to go into Tenesee briefly. En route to here we had some bike problems, with my bike, thing kept cutting out, not good when you are passing trucks on the outside lane and the bike dies! Checked the usual suspects and eventually after another 400 miles decided it was the Motobatt battery going the same way Fiona's did in Mexico. We found a bike shop in Robbinsville, helped by John at Mountain motors, an old school bike shop, he called around until he found someone with one in stock just 2 1/2 miles away. New battery fitted and rode the Tail of the Dragon both ways today and apparently all good.
The road (For the Scottish guys) is like the first 3 miles of the Tummelbridge road out of Pitlochry except it lasts for 11 miles! As always attracts the biking fraternity so a mini Green Welly shop as well.
All good so tomorrow bikes permitting we will head further South East towards Georgia.
Another breakdown equals a stressed look!
Great view from the balcony of the excellent Calhoun House in Byson city
Getting help from John at Mountain Motors
Now this is bald and the guy rode away!
Heading up the Tail
Of Course a Harley shop
One of the few places you can stop
This guy had an intereting T shirt.....Discuss
Go Pro screen shots
Inevitable on roads like this
the loonie were out1
Fi with the Dragon!
Like the trailer?
Marketing is everything
The tree of shame, full of broken bits!!


  1. Great photos and video as usual happy anniversary to you both hope you got a nice hotel for the night ,laughed out loud at that BLOODY Monty Python song used to drive me nuts when we were young and you singing it all the time ,but see the funny side of it now were grown up ,hopefully speak to you next week when you meet up with the martins and were off doing our touristy thing safe travels and take care Laura and co xxxxxx

    1. Cheers Sis, hope you have a nice flight, enjoy the sun and the vodka. Speak from sunny Florida next week xxxxxxx

  2. The ride looks great. I take issue with the t-shirt. (tell me you corrected him) Keep the rubber side down guys all of us up north are still following and hope the journey is safe.
    Kevin Carol Kale and don't forget Connor

    1. Hi Guys
      Hope all is good in the North, I did tell him I had several friends who would like to meet him to discuss ha ha. Going well, heading further South tomorrow
      Gino & Fiona