Monday, 28 October 2013

Bikeless in Miami

Friday we rode the last 3 miles from our hotel to the shipping agents, after a couple of hours sorting out the paperwork we said goodbye to or bikes and to most of our stuff. We then got a taxi to the nearest shopping mall to buy some civilian clothes and a suitcase to put them in. So we left our hotel on our bikes and arrived back morphed into tourists with a 4 wheeled suitcase, how sad is that. Yesterday we went to Miami Beach which to my surprise isn't a beach but a town full of posers and expensive shops, just my kind of place, made for interesting people watching though. Our hotel is in a place which is also interesting, the Ferrari's pass by during the day and at night you share the pavements with the occasional hooker & drug addicts, a city of extreme opposites indeed.
Shortly we'll go to join our ship for a wee trip to the Bahamas so no updates until next Weekend when we'll be back in Florida again, keep watching though!
Fiona's Mascot in December
And now after the trip!!
Final Packing and goodbyes
Fiona's gloves, fit for the bin now
We met Gianfranco & Stefanie outside our hotel, they told us about the old bike scene in Miami, not sure we'll catch it though
A nice bottle of wine. Had to laugh at the remarkably full bodied statement
Miami Beach and German beer for lunch
An Oasis of peace in a mad place, nice church!
Pretty and a street back from the main drag, quieter
Bigger tyres than my Norton!


  1. Hi Fi & Gino, so sad to see the bikes packed away ready for the return ( Ah thought you would have left yours there Gino....after all the grief it gave you :-) ) Well the weather has turned in time for you coming back, chukin it down noo an again but still no cold yet, it might hold out for you. Enjoy, or by the time you read this, enjoyed the Bahama's and ready for the "run" home, I guess it will take a wee while to adjust back to life in the slow lane again, but christ some memories to chew on for a long time!!! Thanks for letting us all join in, all the best, Malky.

    1. Hi Malky
      I couldn't due to US regulations or I might have been tempted. Plenty memories and some great ideas for the next one.......
      Not looking forward to life in the cold lane!! Thanks for the comments, it makes it wothwhile
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Hi Gino and Fiona, congratulations on completing the trip. It really has been fantastically interesting for us to be armchair participants in your epic journey, or as we say in Arbroath,, awesome man! I know you've had issues with the bikes and it has been a pain in the butt-but it really adds to the story. Let's face it if you had been on the Commando and went out every day, pressed the start button and did your statutory 4-500 daily miles with no problems it wouldn't have been nearly so interesting,. Would it? When's the book coming out?
    You will be needing a holiday now to recover!
    Eric and Amy fae Smoketoon.

    1. Cheers Eric & Amy
      Glad you came along for the ride , book will be out when I get it finished (starting it soon). Having a wee holiday now but missing the bikes already. Thanks for the comments Eric, keeps us motivated!
      Cheers the noo
      Gino & Fiona