Friday, 18 October 2013

Being a tourist in Orlando

We rode out of Daytona and stopped to take pictures of the famous Daytona Speedway but its undergoing major redevelopment so access wasn't possible as the place is a building site, the security guard did say i could take a guided tour in a bus so I passed on that delight.
Into Orlando home to Mickey Mouse and all his pals to meet up with my neice Nicola, Brian and daughter Lucy. Great to see them and yesterday we all went to Seaworld together to play at tourists (I now remember why I hate being a "tourist") We did enough queuing to last several lifetimes. Its great for the kids I think but I do have an issue with the animals that are kept in captivity performing for the huge audiences every day, despite the conservation message that continues to be driven home its really if we are all being honest about conserving the dollars in the cash registers. Apologies for being a grouch but this adventure we have been on has taught me many things and one is the importance of our habitat and wildlife and how it needs to be protected.
That said we are lapping up the Florida sunshine and good company for a while before heading further South.

Daytona , a famous name, now a huge building site
Prospective motorcyclist?
Lucy & Brian annoy the fish
Circus act
All bred in captivity, they never see the wild
Killer whales perform 3 times daily for their supper
The Ladies enjoying the sun
Lucy & Brian inspecting tonsils
Fearless Lucy feeding the dolphin


  1. Hi, Grouch and Fiona. I total agree with your comments in regards to captive animals. though its nice to see them up close, they are better seen in their natural habitat. Used to Scuba Dive when younger, and have seen them in their environment wow wow its really something. Anyway guys its been great reading all your stories to date, though I get the feeling they are almost over(so sad). God willing I'll be able to do something similar in the near future.. Great... Take care and ride safe Cheers Reint and Mary from KL

    1. Hi Reint & Mary
      Yes in the grand scheme of things not so long to go now, still some time though before we return to a cold and wet Scotland. I hope your trip comes together for you, if you need to know anything get in touch, my e mail is on my profile blurb.
      It's not over till we are home so keep watching
      Gino & Fiona

    2. Thanks Guys, for the kind words and encouragement

    3. Hello Gino and Fiona, Sure wish we were in the Sunshine State soaking up the sun,Joe and I are back here in Williston North Dakota,25 degrees and snowing. I totally agree with you about animals remaining in their natural enviroment,remembering our conversation on this very subject. My sister n law got a law passed with the help of Ohio govenor,to ban private ownership of wild animals,due to the tradgedy that happened to our nephew.Joe and I wish you and Fiona all the best!! Gino, will be waiting anxiously for your book. Take Care and God Bless!! Joe and Colleen

    4. Great to hear from you guys. We will be back to those temperatures soon enough. It is hard to believe at this moment in time. After so long watching animals in their own habitat it seemed a bit unfair and surreal. That is a big achievement to get the law changed. Stay in touch.
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Great photons as usual Lucy looks like she's enjoying it,unlike you I love being a tourist ,very hot and humid here and we're eaten alive with mossies too,oh and you better come home !Iiiiiiiixxxxxx loads of love to you both safe travels and take care hopefully speak next week when were home.

  3. We enjoyed our time with them, great to see them all and a right good laugh. Aye def coming home, mid Nov prob, look forward to seeing you all, loads of love, big bruv & Fiona

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