Sunday, 21 January 2018

Guzzi Festive dinner

A run down to Moffat this weekend but sadly not on the bike for a meeting with fellow Guzzi owners and a night of insanity, hats were the theme (as if it needs a theme) but it broke the ice and ensured the abuse flowed even more freely than normal. Always good to meet our motorcycle pals in winter so we can all share stories of great expectations of the coming summer, a great night had by all and a scenic run down to the borders yesterday.
Fi testing the snow depth on the A702
Sheep doing sheep stuff
Me sporting the Guzzi jacket I won in a raffle about 10 years ago! (first time i've worn it)
Freezing fog ahead
Sheep sending out an SOS 
Nice views en route to Moffat
Horses huddle round some straw for a Saturday afternoon chat
Nice but much Ice
Moffat is an interesting town with many interesting buildings
Old fashioned Bakery
Very narrow Hotel
Scotlands oldest Drug dealer apparently
The ladies warming up
Interesting hats
Derek with Norton Belt
Martin and his micro hat
Hats were the thing
I liked the colonial hat
Forced to be a Princess
Fat Robin waiting for us in the garden when we got home

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Happy New Year and first run on the Guzzi for 2018

Happy new year to all, apologies for the lack of blogging but our house move has been taking all our energy the last few weeks, its done though, now officially residing in Perth (Scotland, not the pretend one down under)
To get a break from house moving and garage moving duties and taking advantage of the thaw we popped out for a short 50 mile run on the Guzzi today. It was cold but above freezing, the roads we took were covered with mud (although the Guzzi managed to avoid it pretty well)  but it was brilliant to be out on 2 wheels again, and on some of Perthshire's small roads. A bacon roll stop at Abernyte and a short blast on the Dual carriageway to Dundee for fuel before returning to the Fair City via Errol. A great day oot and even managed to use the Guzzi as a Goose scarer!
Work continues on the wee BM's in an effort to resurrect them for February so we can make sure they are OK before we hop over to the Pyrenees in search of adventure at the end of March, all good.
The Carse of Gowrie
Small roads
Geese scared by Goose
Sorry guys, passin through
Heated jacket time
And adjust mirror time

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Sidecar fun

With all the house moving going on there hasn't been enough time for motorcycling fun so we decided today to go out on the sidecar, no painting or moving stuff, just us and our bike. The plan was to do a loop around the Meldins (the scene of last years New year camping trip) bu a road accident had closed the road towards Peebles, the policemen just pointed us up a single track road, no other clues, they were as helpful as a fart in a spacesuit! When the road turned to gravel and mud I had doubts this was the way we should be going but we took the opportunity to do some off roading anyway. Loads of other cars were heading up the road we had found out was a dead end so I had to stop every one and give them directions, my good deed for the day. A really great day out with lunch at the red barn and apart from the mentalists on the Edinburgh bypass most of the other roads were quiet. Kinda glad we still have the outfit for now.
I hope you all have a great Christmas and a fantastic 2018, we are looking forward to our move to Perth in time for 2018 so next year some different bike rides I think. Many thanks to all who take the time to comment, I enjoy the abuse, take care out there.

Looking clean outside Alex's house
We're on a road to nowhere (feel free to sing along like Chris Rea)  
Mud, braw!
Not too shabby a day for motorcycling
At the red barn with a very mucky outfit
It's ok a quick jetwash and its clean again

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Not much going on.........

But then again plenty happening in the background, first some bad news, a good friend of ours from Applecross Ali (Snoddy) McLeod went missing from his boat a couple of weeks ago, he has as yet not been found. If you visited Applecross and went to the Inn then no doubt you would have met him, as well as being front of house for the last few years he was also the fisherman who supplied most of the seafood. He was a pillar of the local community, a passionate Scot and cared deeply for the environment which he lived and worked in, he is and will be sorely missed.
We found this out literally an hour before we gave a talk to the Glamis Vintage club on our recent trip to Nepal, the talk went well but both of us had a weird feeling, not ourselves, thinking about Ali but as they say in showbiz the show must go on.
The same day we also went looking at houses in Perth, we saw one we liked and on the Monday called the lawyer, in 10 minutes it was ours! I have taken longer to buy motorbikes! Hopefully in the fullness of time I can get the whole fleet housed in the same place which will be excellent.
So for now not much bike stuff happening as its all hands to the pump trying to get the flat ready for sale and then it'll be Christmas.

When it comes I hope you all have a great one but spare a thought for our friends who haven't made it into 2018.
Some pics from Alaska, mainly on our trip by ferry up the Inner Sound to end on a happy note...........

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A different weekend

I was left to my own devices this weekend as Mrs R had a Yoga workshop up North so I decided to get out with the camera(s) and snap some pics of Autumnal Scotland, nice couple of nights at Sunart Camping on the Ardnamurchan peninsula then a night with David and Anne at Minard and then met up with Fiona at Port Appin for the night. To be honest I was glad not to be on the bike for a change, it was pretty dreich a lot of the time despite the blue skies in the photos. Still a lot of tourists around and even the bloody annoying motorhomes are still in evidence and still being driven by in the main selfish bastards! It also reiterated to me the fact that our cousins in the North get a very raw deal when it comes to mobile coverage and Broadband speeds, shocking really.
Railway viaduct in glen Ogle (closed in the 60's)
Loch Sunart
Near Glenuig
Storm clouds rolling in towards Glenuig
Rainbow at Corran ferry
Strontian Sunday morning
Glencoe with a dusting of snow
Rail bridge at the South of the Glen
More steam McPhail
Falls of Dochart
Loch Sunart
Loch Moidart
Corran ferry
Corran ferry lighthouse
Kilchurn Castle
Bus party at Hotel = avoid like the plague 
Lismore ferry
Bleak conditions for the last ferry home
And finally a whisky named after David's Norton