Monday, 18 January 2021

Moto Guzzi

 This March it will be 100 years since Moto Guzzi started production in a blacksmiths shop in Mandello Del Lario on the shores of Lake Como. It is the longest continuous motorcycle manufacturer in Europe and one of the most innovative in my opinion. I have visited the Factory museum several times and I never tire of the visits, fascinating history.

Because the Museum is only open for an hour a day (from 3pm to 4) it needs several visits to see everything. When I first went the bikes were all crammed together in a large attic room, the bikes were manhandled up and down some wooden stairs to and from the Museum, it is slightly better organised now and unfortunately the really priceless ones like the 500 v8  are in glass cases so its not possible to get as thorough a look  as before, still worth a visit though.

Crossing Como by ferry from Bellagio

Obligatory pose

Now slightly better laid out

The first of the Californias before the Tonti frame
Proper V7

This is the V8

It is tiny for a V8, this pic doesn't scale it well

The V8 

Amazing it all squeezes in

Early V twin racer

Paris Dakar bike

Racing was a huge part of Guzzis heritage

In line Shaft drive 4 cylinder 


Gambalunga (Long Leg)

500 V twin race bike

500 single race bike

3 cylinder OHC motor

The first Guzzi

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Gratuitous Motorcycle pics

Workshop today, Guzzi fettling first, new rear tyre and an attempt to get all the salt and road dirt off it plus a ACF50 treatment to try see it through the rest of the winter. I also fitted a Tacho, or rev counter on the Bonneville Newchurch. It always annoyed me a little not having double gauges, don't know why but it did. An aftermarket rev counter is available at a reasonable price which fits into the place where it looks like a rev counter should be. The instructions are ok but there was a couple of hiccups (mainly because I didn't read the instructions fully the first time) but after fitting it, it didn't work, back to the instructions which at the beginning said attach the impulse wire to the top connection on the "distributor" which is actually the coil, at the end it says "if it doesn't work try swapping the wire to the bottom connection, its usually the top but sometimes its not" Wire swapped and it works, hurrah! 

These were taken at the 2007 National Rally on the Isle of Wight, don't let the sunshine fool you, it pissed down in biblical proportions the whole way, the M42 at one point was a river, journey from hell but as always after a beer the sun came out and all was well. Trying to brighten the mood with some very shiny bikes!

The Commando on the left is only 5 digits away from Alex's bike, well I thought it was a coincidence

People are reporting some issued with leaving comments, I did wonder as the usual reprobates haven't been leaving abuse, keep trying, I miss your input!

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Another look back

 We managed out today but on four wheels, just for some sanity away from the confines of the City limits, not too far but enough to feel free, to feel we had very briefly escaped the clutches of the Stasi, we never spoke to another soul, were never within spitting distance of anyone, matter of fact not even within seeing distance of anyone.

A cup of tea amongst the snow and nature, how good that felt, breathing country air without permission, what rebels!

I was at a funeral for an old friend on Tuesday, strange affair, a well liked and respected person who normally would have filled the crematorium to overflowing, taken far too soon and not by Covid, very sad but a chance to speak to family and a couple of old friends albeit briefly lifted my spirits, we are human and need interaction. I write this drivel in an attempt to entertain (mainly myself) and to keep a record but its also a bit for interaction in my mind.

 Wednesday I had to pick up some things at a click and collect shop (what?) and met another friend who was that very afternoon going to a funeral of yet another friend who I never even knew was ill. That is in the past, the memories of those gone will live on but looking forward I am hoping soon we can regain our freedom and get out there, lets make 2021 special, do something outwith your comfort zone, try something new (but please that doesn't mean buy a Harley and start wearing a bandanna) 

I am looking forward to the breaking of the Covid shackles and celebrating by riding my bikes more , having more laughs and more adventures.

John Buchan, a son of Perth and writer wrote the short story in auld Scots "The Rime of true Thomas" and I plagiarised a small part of it for our  cards, never has it had a more true meaning..

"There is a road......which leads to the moon and the great waters......and it has no end;

But it is a fine road, a braw road, who will follow it?"

Get out there and live the dream, Nil Illegitimi Carborundum

These Photos from a weekend ten years ago, enjoy

Posing on a single track road

When we used to use a big tent

The midges were a nightmare

We retired to the pub to get away from them...remember a pub?

Our phase of purifying river water for tea and cooking

Handy in Mongolia, not that necessary when you are 300 metres from a Hotel

Posing by the river


Ready to start cleaning up

Sun shining = Happy Gino

Coran Ferry

Recipol camping, before Tim took over Strontian


Our scenery is brilliant

Oops its that space time continuum again

Suddenly we are in the 1930's

Great to see


Drinking beer!