Saturday, 12 October 2013

Georgia on my mind

Leaving Robbinsville in the sunshine we came across a strange scene after a couple of miles, we were at altitude and the valley below was covered in thick cloud, a great photo opportunity then down the twisty road to descend into the mist. It lasted around 50 miles before we broke into the sunshine again, retracing our steps East before heading South. Now we know why these mountains are called the Smokey Mountains I suppose, being a National Park it was closed due o the crazy Federal shutdown which meant we had to go round it rather than through it.
We stayed on the Interstate for a while but after the busy Friday afternoon run around Columbia we got off onto the smaller much nicer and more sane roads for a while, passing a multitude of cotton fields (remiss of me not to get a photo) We arrived at the campsite after a pretty long 300 mile + day only to be told they were full, October is the height of the season here in South Carolina I was told. "Not even room for a wee tent & 2 bikes in a corner somewhere" "no sir we are full up" This is a fact of life here, the massive RV's rule the campsite, tent camping is quickly being left to only the National Parks & Forests (which are closed at the moment) it's something we have witnessed in the UK and I predict it will only get worse, soon camping in a tent will only be possible in your back garden!
We rode the 35 miles to the nearest town with hotels, found a McDonalds to use the wifi & grab a coffee and booked the place next door, crazily enough for not much more than the camping, a bed, en suite, shower and breakfast but its not the point, I like camping!!
Today we rode to Savannah, a quaint tourist trap by the coast, Fi must have called at least 5 campsites only to be told RV's only so we are back in the same chain of budget hotels. This place is only about $10 more expensive than a tent site (when you can find one) and that includes breakfast, crazy!
The temperature is noticeably higher now and once again we are struggling in the slow traffic with all the bike gear on but when you see the driving there's no way you'd take a chance otherwise!
Looks surrreal, moments later we were in the clouds
Not that high in the grand scheme of things
Fi waiting while I faf around taking pictures
Savanna, nice to see older buildings
Very Hot!!
Had to escape the heat to an air conditioned Micro Brewery
I liked these!
Nice bridge
Riverboat, why don't we do riverboats?
Seafront reminds me of Newhouse road back hame


  1. Greetings Fiona and Gino!! Checking your blog,saw you traveled the Tail!! Glad u experienced it...Joe and I have a few stories about the tail.Hope you were able to visit Cherokee.We enjoy your updates. Y'all Be Safe and God Bless!!-

  2. Hi Colleen & Joe
    Yes it was good, done it both ways, missed Cherokee though. Glad you are enjoying the nonsense, take care
    Gino & Fiona

  3. my gawd! what a great series of posts… with a bit of embellishment, this story could be a hollywood blockbuster; Al Pacino as Gino and Nicolle Kidman as Fiona… I can see it now! many thanks for sharing your tales of a great ride, as I read I can almost feel the handlebars shake and the back wheel bounce. totally compelling! aloha, Don

    1. Hi Don
      Glad you are enjoying the ride, not sure about the movie though ha ha
      Gino & Fiona

  4. Still following the travels, and teifed your pic of great beer quotes for my FB wall. Thx!

    1. Cheers the beer quotes could have been written for the old Fair City MCC

  5. Cheers Gino! Shame my place doesn't have the same heat back hame?! Fae, Mini Rayner ;)