Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A great day for a wedding

Yesterday was a fantastic day, the wedding of leanne & Darren, the ceremony took place in Central park and after that we had a fantastic boat trip down the Hudson thanks to Leanne's Mum & Dad. It is a great way to see the city at night and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting NYC. Of course being Scots it didn't end there and we all trooped off to a Irish bar just off Times Square to make sure it ended messily! The other major milestone yesterday was that we got dressed in something other than bike gear which felt strange.
Once again I'll let the photos do the talking and tomorrow we are back to our "day jobs" riding bikes, southward!  

Look , not a crash elmet in sight!
The Lovely couple
Family photo
Our palace for the evening
Leanne boarding
NY Skyline, not much energy conservation
Or here
Cake cutting
And again
Statue of Liberty, now closed of course due to the Federal Govenment shutdown
Off for mair drink!
Post wedding Brunch in Central Park
Post Brunch sit down!
A Norton Poster!!
More Buildings
This is just down the road from us, nice wee cafe which had great sandwiches, now from today property of NY State due to not paying taxes!


  1. Wow! you two look really great.... "Look , not a crash elmet in sight!" thanks for posting cheers, Don

  2. Wow, thats the last two blogs and not one picture of a motorbike.........are you turning into a traditional tourist these days Mr Rondelli???????

    Enjoy your journey south and we will see you guys soon in Florida

    Take Care
    Brian, Nicola & Lucy

    1. Ha ha, a reluctant tourist, that will be rectified very soon.
      See you in Florida xx

  3. Hi Fi & Gino, caught up with the blog, had to double check I was on the right blog with the first photo's.....recognised Fi , but thought, who's that standing next to her?? in a suit?? scrubbed up well Mr Rondelli, well as good as it could be :-) Glad to see you 2 are enjoying things, even without a bike and crash helmet. Video /photo's are brill as per usual. Weather is still great over here , you chose the right year to leave Scotland! Friday afternoon and the sun is shining after only 2 day's of rain, the Zed will be oot tomorrow, a bit of a record this year. No doubt you are on the road again and ejoying life, ride safe. All the best, Malky

  4. Crash helmet back on Malky so it's even better! Good to hear you are getting oot on the Zed. Need to catch up for a run when we return. I've posted the suit home so at least I've now got an interview suit ha ha
    Gino & Fiona