Friday, 27 September 2013

Into the big Apple

We left Cape Cod with a plan to camp at Mystic in Connecticut but when we arrived the campsite quoted us $42 which i thought was a bit steep so since it was still early we left there and found a local McDonalds to use the wifi for further research. Fiona found a ferry going from New London (about 10 miles away) to Orient point in Long Island, this wouldn't save any miles but in theory should make the ride into our Long Island Hotel easier (which it did)
We arrived on Long Island, found a shop to buy Pasta Sauce and then found the campsite, by this time it was getting dark. I was taken aback when we got charged $52 to camp, no water, no electric just a bit of grass and a picnic table! This was the most expensive campsite this trip and considering our hotel in Cape Cod less per night I did feel a bit ripped off.
The ride into New York wasn't as bad as we'd feared and only a bit of stress when I took a couple of wrong turns. After parking the bikes up for a week we headed into Manhattan to meet up with my Uncle Morris & Auntie May who are here on holiday, great to see them, a year away makes you realise how important family is. A great night had by all and once we'd sussed out the subway not too stressful

Waiting for another ferry!
Land ahoy, Long Island!
Doing my teletubby impersonation with the go pro camera
We are doing 15 mph over the speed limit and are still the slowest things on the road, lucky the sherrif was onto bigger things
The guy in this Mercedes passed us texting with both hands, steering with his knees no doubt ! IDIOT!!
Just a few wrong turns from our hotel, Fi gets the coffee in!
Empire state building
Catching up with May & Morris
The electric bills here must be high!!

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