Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A bit further East

We left Niagara Falls on Sunday and crossed the US border for the last time (I think, I said that before!) The Customs guy was a bit confused what to do with our UK plates, seems he couldn't figure out how to enter it into the computer, his colleague suggested entering "no plate" like they do for diplomats, I said that's OK I am a diplomat, that didn't go down well so I stayed quiet!
Most of the day was on the Interstate just to get the miles in but then we turned off onto the back roads towards Herkiner where we were staying in the campsite there, stunning roads and scenery.
Herkiner is famous for its Diamond mines, actually quartz crystals but high grade, our neighbour on the campsite explained it all to us, he is a keen Diamond finder and seller, so the process was explained over a Dram!
It got really cold and during the night the rain started, morning arrived black and dreich (old Scots word for miserable) so we decided after consulting the weather to stay put for another night. We were rewarded as the sun came out in the late afternoon and we spent a pleasant but cold night talking to our diamond hunter neighbour.
Today was glorious and staying on the small roads we made our way the short distance to Lake Luzerne, the campsite was closed so we booked into a Motel which luckily had a small frontage onto the lake so we could cook al fresco again. Tomorrow a bit further East and if all goes to plan Boston on Friday!

Nice Campsite by the river
Late afternoon sun catches a branch
Neccisita Whisky!
Preparing Dinner (note fully wrapped up, sunny but cold!)
Where the Eagles soar
And the Squirrels play!
Campfire with moons reflection in the river, I did try to make this artistic but,,,, Damned whisky!
Early morning sun catches the cold river
Stunning colours
Just when you thought Moshing was a new thing, seems its been around a while
Lunch stop at this very nice (and cheap) cafe
Twinned with.........
Riding along the back roads we spotted this and had to stop, knocked on the door and spoke a while with Heather, hubby was at work unfortunatley otherwise it would have been Norton speak all day!
Fiona in the BIG chair
Nice church with spooky house next door
Fact, the waterfall you see here is the narrowest part of the mighty Hudson River, travel with the Rondelli's and get educated
Fi Flying the flag
Passed this lake, nice!
Passed this guy also
Dinner Al Fresco looking at this, not a bad day at all


  1. Great to see you two making your way with little bmw-itis! love the photos and story and good to see you having a great time at it! thanks for posting… aloha! Don

    1. Hi Don, as always great to hear from you, glad you are enjoying the trip!
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Some very scenic, and informative photographs there Gino, keep up the good work and stay safe. Looking forward to a few beers soon in Florida.

    Brian, Nicola & Lucy

    1. Cheers guys, looking forward to the heat and the Banter! Can you send me an e mail with the dates you will be there and where you will be staying also need a way of contacting you so an e mail would be good
      Gino & Fiona xx

  3. Hi Baith,
    Guid yir still able tae recognise a Norton sign.Sooner yir hame sooner yir pals 'll tak the clingfilm aff thir tyres 'n get rollin' agane.Wis et The Gatherin' the day,guid weather but only twa dommies.Must drag ye kickin' 'n screamin tae Gairloch...thir is a road beyond Applecross.Wis up there last w/end..great fish suppers 'n great whiskies.
    Be fleein' ower the tap o' ye next week...oan tae The Yellow Brick Road.
    Keep Dancin'

    1. Aye Geordie
      Guid tae hear fae ye, I'll be back soon enough to bolster the Norton numbers!! I ken fine thon road, it is braw richt enough. We'll wave tae ye as ye pass, enjoy ir holidays!
      Gino & Fiona