Thursday, 12 September 2013

Back into Canada

As has been the case since we left Anchorage this part of the trip has been about getting in the miles to get us back on track. Last night (Tuesday) we stopped in the town of Gaylord which is of course a funny name to all Scots, so funny it was worth a stop, we visited Gaylord Harley Davidson (of course) stayed in a dodgy Motel and generally had fun wandering around loking at what Gaylord had to offer. Today we have crossed back into Canada in Ontario and heading to Niagra Falls for the weekend. We have passed the great Lakes in the last couple of days but to be honest they are so huge its hard, no impossible to photograph them in a meaningful way, so big its just like looking out to sea so I'm afraid we are picture limited just now, hopefully Niagra will rectify that.
Outside our Motel in Ashland 
Big Fish
Mackinac Bridge, impressive apart from the steel deck, not good on a bike
You had to be there
Nice Church
Look, in Perth this would be unacceptable!
This is our life, lunch in a gas station comprising a sandwich & Coffee standing by the bikes, excellent
Nice Scottish Colonial Church in Canada, amazing how 2 miles from the border the architecture changes so much 
Lake Huron flowing past us, the nice view
The Industrial view
Interesting building, somebody's got their Christmas tree up already!!


  1. some day you will need to fill me in on what Gaylord is.


  2. When entering Gaylord is there a feeling of satisfaction?