Monday, 23 September 2013

Quechee, Boston and now Cape Cod

We really had a great weeks motorcycling last week, riding through Vermont and New Hampshire, we stayed in a nice campsite in Quechee for a couple of days. Pleasant during the day but cold at night, we had a fire both nights to keep the cold and insects away. We found a Scottish shop so manged to get Haggis, Oatcakes and Walkers shortbread, braw!! I also got a half gallon of Dewars for under $30 so it was perfect really.
Into Boston on Friday to spend a great weekend with Jane and Ulrich, much catching up, drinking and talking was the order of the day. A nice trip into Boston on Saturday so Fi & I could recreate the Boston Tea Party with tea all the way from Scotland thanks to Gavin from the Gullane Coffee house!
Today we reluctantly left our great hosts and headed to Cape Cod where we will spend some time before heading to the big apple for Thursday. Last week is the best riding we have done for a while, less pressure to pile in the miles so an opportunity to take the small roads and relax, I can recommend this part of the USA for a tour!.

Quechee Gorge
The perfect dinner!!
Bought from here
We had a long chat with these guys, nice to see an Indian!
Those damned Americans about to start throwing tea into the river!
Noce toon!
This is the tea shot, waste of good tea though!
Tea chests being thrown in
With our hosts Jane & Ulrich by the beach
First we have seen the Atlantic since Argentina
More pics of the impressive Boston Skyline
Money money money
Historic Town house surrounded by huge buildings


  1. Swanning about in Boston, you missed the Equinoxial Gathering in St Fillans. You will be pleased to know I was made late by stopping to assist a stricken Norton in Crieff... There was also a REAL Indian present, in the form of Tony's latest self-assembly Sport Scout If it ain't from Springfield Mass., it ain't no Indian. Enjoy the Doo-ars. Hope you played Alex Harvey during the tea ceremony :)

  2. Nice shots Gino. Looks like some pretty countryside. Boston seems like an interesting mix of old and new. There is a motorcycle film festival about to happen in the Big Apple as you arrive there. Read something about a ride associated with it as well. Looks like some great touring. As usual...jealous.

    1. Cheers, the countryside was excellent, some good M/C roads here. I liked Boston, nice place. Get on that Norton and get riding!