Friday, 6 September 2013

Scorching across Montana, North Dakota and now Minnesota

We have had another hectic few days trying to get the miles in, we have now re joined the heatwave so thats good (mainly). The ride across to Minnesota has been windy and in the main a bit boring, the prairies of Montana offer no real landscape and plenty wind, entering North Dakota it got a bit better for a while and we stopped at a place called Glasgow. Nothing like its Scottish namesake, damned hot and not a fried Mars bar in sight, strangely most of the locals never even knew there was another Glasgow in Scotland, welcome to small town America. Nice place though and nice people, but the mozzies and wasps were gunning for us at the campsite. Onto Bismark (the town not the battleship) and we stayed two nights so we could have a day off at the excellent KOA campsite there. Once again the insects have been winning though and once again we met some very nice people including Joe & Colleen who we had a pleasant chat with this morning. The other stroke of luck was that there was a big Pow Wow on (an Indian gathering) so we went along last night to watch. Very interesting to see these people keeping their traditions alive, not unlike Scottish Highland games , just different clothes. Its great to see youngsters keeping their traditions alive and the older people embracing it also. Today we have stopped at Alexandria for the night, a shortish run tomorrow into Minnieapolis to pick up some spares for routine servicing on the BMW's and then to meet Kevin Stratton who's kindly putting us up for the weekend. 3500 miles in the last two weeks leaves me to think that I need a beer!

Typical small town church
No stop at the chippy for a deep fried mars bar
Very Hot
Always bullet holes in the signs
Vetran's leading the parade
Very Colourful!
Happy faces
Aztec Dancers from Mexico
Amazing drummers and singers providing music for the dancers


  1. Hi Gino, Hi Fiona, still following still following your progress with great interest.
    The pics and videos have been great.
    The Pow-Wow looks amazing, just like Arbroath's West Port at the weekend.
    Keep on having a great trip.
    When are you coming to NYC?

    1. Aye Eric
      Guid tae hear frae ye. I' m sure I've seen some o they loons in smokie toon richt enough.
      Into NYC 26th, meeting my uncle & aunt who's on hols, wedding on 1st October then heading south on the 3rd if all goes to plan. Got sorted oot wi somewhere to stay in Long Island
      Gino & Fiona