Saturday, 14 September 2013

Niagara Falls Ontario

We set off yesterday in the pouring rain and the temperature had dropped like a stone also, it caught us out a bit and we had to stop after 100 miles for a heat up and to dig the heated jackets out of the luggage (just when we thought we'd not need them again) We rolled into Niagara, kind of surprised at how tacky it is really, a bit like Vegas but not on the same scale, here we have a wonderful natural spectacle and the tourist industry could have been tailored to suit the more discerning customer but its all Neon signs and shops selling souvenirs & T shirts.
The falls however didn't disappoint, I never realised the river splits and there are actually two falls, all very impressive but once again as I should have expected it was full of tourists! Lines of blue ant like people everywhere, queueing up for this and that, funny actually.
Not much else to report, heading tomorrow a bit further East, enjoying the day off from riding, almost 27,000 miles now (43,000 Km) and the last three weeks have taken their toll but by tomorrow I'll be looking forward to getting back in the saddle.
Old Police car
We were there!
Blue Ant people
Fiona Framing the shot
More blue ant people being ferried around the queues
The other falls not quite as impressive
Power of Nature
More of the same
At this pont it felt like you could easily be swept away
Had a chat with a couple of cops riding these, the boss asked if I wanted my photo taken on the bike, I declined!


  1. Long time no comment...but have been enjoying the blog...sorry I couldnt get free to buy you guys a beer when you passed through California. Incredibly there is a dam or something upstream whereby they can shut the falls down to a trickle...for maintenance! Saw them when Kennedy was the President...don't know if you saw them at night...but they light them up ' Vegas' style in a bunch of's different.

    1. Good to hear from you, the falls are impressive, don't think they have changed much. Saw the big lights but never went down at night to see it lit up. Too lazy!
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Must say I'm disappointed. You would have looked really cool with a golden helmet.... ;-)

    1. I know, I said to Fi, jake will be disappointed I missed the experience

  3. Soon you will shopping! I'll bet you miss that Gino.