Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tourists for the week but bike better now

So an enforced week of tourism in Santiago as the bike was undergoing repair at BMW Santiago, we got the bike back tonight (Thanks to Claudio and the guys) it appears a wire in the loom had chaffed, a tricky fault to find and we are so glad that unlike Motoadventura who blanked the warranty Williamson Balfour BMW did it right. My advice to anyone travelling here would be to try the official importer first here in Santiago.
The week has been spent looking around this nice City but with some stress as waiting and patience are not my strong points. Plan is a ride to the mountains tomorrow and set off North on Friday (I said that last week though!!)
HQ of the cops & Security services
Nice Museum
Shiners new shop?
The Presidents Hoose, well posh
Its funny, do you think they put him on a pedestal? His mate is having n argument with his phone, old .303, I used one1
NIce mix, old and modern
Nice uniform but she has got a gun! or is she on her way to the next strippagram?
Telefonica building, designed to look like a 90's mobile
Really not sure what this was about?
Santiago from the VERY big hill Fi made me climb in 30 Deg heat!
Fi happy I survived
The virgin Mary enjoying the late afternoon sun
More views
Nice Tourist photo, why did we trust a stranger with a £500 camera?
Fi chilling with the statues
Spent some time at this museum, almost cultured now
Nice Church


  1. I can't believe you are planning to leave a place that sells whisky at £2.50 a bottle!! Good news that Fiona has her bike back so keep having fun and we look forward to the next blog. Take Care
    BM, Nic & Lucy

    1. Aye going stir crazy now, feel like a tourist (not good) Just need to get back on the road and away from the Joe Publics's.
      Just hope we do the 500K's tomorrow and find a nice campsite then I'll feel happier!
      Take care xx

  2. Must take a lot of discipline to keep your blog up to date, but enjoying following your adventure.
    Ride Safe
    Steve P

    1. Cheers Steve, aye a bit of a PITA sometimes but got to be done

  3. Gino,when will fi suss why you bought identical bikes with interchangeable no. plates...?Strange she is always riding the one with a problem.
    Thanks for phone call,great to hear you have now a Spanish accent..Jist wait ti' yi' get hame,naebudy wull mak yi oot.
    Great your havin' fun.

    1. Aye ye've got me suused oot, I'll just hae tae come doon tae Peebles for lessons I doot

  4. Good to hear the local BMW shop came through.Enjoying the blog, sure looks warmer in that part of the world. Have more fun!

    1. Its Scorchio!! I'll tell you the full BMW story when we meet!!!!!!