Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Stoor stoor and mair stoor!

Which translated means dust, dust and more dust. A pretty hard couple of days making our way up the Carratera Austral, the tarmac bits (very little) are fantastic, the ripio bits (most of it) are scenery wise outstanding but bike riding wise a challenge. We stopped last night in a small campsite in the small village of Puyuhuapi which apparently is in a Tsunami risk region, good to know when we were camping 100 metres from the shore! Yesterday we stopped for lunch at the side of a sea lake, just after we stopped we spotted dolphins, result! apart from the big black and red flies that seemed to like me and the dust being thrown up by the passing traffic it really was idyllic. Today was almost all Ripio (and in my opinion very difficult) but again the scenery when you stopped made up for it. We had a problem with Fi's bike yesterday not starting when hot which was a bit of a pain, however we've just filled up with better fuel and its cooler here now in Chaiten by the sea, and also now we're underneath a active Volcano, so last night Tsunami possibility and now Volcanic eruption possibility, interesting! The Carratera has been a fantastic experience but my advice is wait till its all tarmac and come over to enjoy it. Tomorrow we hope to go to Thermal pools under the Volcano for a decent wash! Friday we get a boat to Puerto Mont if all goes to plan.
Local dancing girls doing a Patagonian dance
Local Dog gang waiting for us to get the bikes
Glaciers on the right, my head on the left!
Not so nice, stray cows not having good toilet manners lead to problems!
Yesterday's lunch stop
Right on cue, just for us!
Peaceful sunset
Rustic camping
Hmm, nobody told us till after we pitched the tent
Lunch stop today
Damn glaciers everywhere
Fi prepares for an after Lunch swim
On top of old smokey!!! thats our roof you can see


  1. Hi Gino & Fiona,
    You guys are eating lunch in some pretty spectacular looking locations, blog great, photos great, hopefully speak soon on skype. Lucy has something to show you both :-)
    Take Care
    Brian, Nicola & Lucy

    1. Hi Nicola
      Aye its been good, we've got good wifi today so we'll try later
      Gino & Fiona xx