Monday, 14 January 2013

Damn Dogs

One thing about South America is that there are dogs everywhere, most with a bad limp due to no doubt being run over by the van/car/bikes/trucks they chase, no idea why they do it but they do, also since we got here dogs have taken to pissing on my bike! This morning I awoke to the sound of the campsite dog pissing on my tent! The nest thing I noticed it had also urinated on my wheel and lock and luggage straps, mans best friend my arse!!
So after a not great start to the day we tackled the ripio section from Puerto Tranquillo to Cerro Castillo about 75 miles before we saw some tarmac. Now i've said before Ripio varies from bad to worse, me I prefer tarmac every time especially with a heavily loaded and not very well sprung bike! The scenery though was fantastic, that is when you can see it after the dust from the trucks/vans / 4x4's that thunder along, you see them coming (on the straights) as a huge dust cloud in the distance, then you know, time to stop breathing until they pass . I was very glad to see the tarmac to Coyhaique where we've stopped tonight. As we looked for the campground we passed a hotel, not the Ritz or the Savoy but know what sometimes its nice to wake up without a dog pissing on you!! As always not sure when we will update again but since we have wifi here i thought I'd take the chance to keep the updates going!
Very Nice
This is how quickly it goes from tarmac to gravel!
Lunch stop Cerra Castillo, braw chicken and chips!
Nice scenery (did I mention that?)
This is the new "Dusty adventure" look from BMW


  1. Hola!
    Up in La Serena, there is the lighthouse on the beach (worth a look), with 'fast food' kiosks and the attendant local pack of hounds. Flea bitten and piss on anything! Pack rules and the top dog was big and fit! Hence the gates and walls around the houses where there is some money. I agree with not being pissed on. A forestry campsite over here can have the same problem, slung in the hammock one cold and wet August some years ago and at 06:30am the local 'dog walker' arrived, with the pack! Fido didn't spy the contents of the hammock and as it lifted it's leg to let fly with the golden stream a Sitka spruce branch whacked its goolies! YELP! and a perplexed owner who had been wandering around oblivious, as many are! My dog doesn't, syndrome. :¬)
    Ir con seguridad, Bill.

    1. Aye good one Bill, not my favourite animals just now

  2. Looks like you guys are having fun, be careful , see you in July , let me know when you need the list of folks I know on the west coast or in Vegas ,also have a friend in Monterey Mx .

    1. Hi Peter, having a great time, looking forward to it, I'll keep you posted