Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Chile - Punta Arenas

So as expected a great party that lasted into the early hours, teaching Scottish country dancing to the masses, well Fiona was I was just falling about so I think its impressive we managed to get going and finish up back in Rio Grande at Ruta 40 Hostel with Willie, Christian & Mary were there also and thanks to Willie and his Father for cooking a nice meal for us (and supplying beer)! This morning we had the 160 miles to Porvenir, 80 miles of Ripio again and a border crossing, the ques were OK so we were through easily although we got a bit of a grumpy Guy on the Chilean side because we never gave in our temporary import documents the last time we left. We met up with Christian again and a couple of other guys we met in Ushuaia who told us they were trying to make the 2pm ferry, too much of a challenge for us i'm afraid but despite the dust, the mad car drivers passing us and causing dust blindness, the deep gravel in parts and the potholes (I think I scored nearly 100% and managed to hit most of them) we arrived just in time to get the Ferry ! Good effort, on with 6 minutes to spare. We met some other Americans on the boat and had a good crack with them trying to persuade them to give up normal life and hit the road (mind you after a few days playing on 990 KTM's they were heading by plane to the South Pole so it ain't all bad guys!) Pissing of rain when we landed so we holed up in the first Hostel we found, just been to the supermarket for food (and beer), amazing already the differences between the two countries who share a common border.
Passo De Garabaldi (could be Lochcarron)
Our genial Host Willie
Leaving the Island of Fire
Brossing the Magellan straights
In the Supermarket, full lamb with heid!! Just add fur and blood, instant pet!


  1. Y'all doin great. Had to smile to myself when I realised your doing this wee run to coincide with the 2013 Dakar....Feckin seriously jealous and seriously love the videos...consider them posted...on FB...regards Alistair

    1. Cheers, not sure if we'll make the Dakar, lots to see before we're up there but if we can we will
      Gino & Fiona