Wednesday, 23 January 2013


We've been in Osorno since Sunday, very hot here and thankfully the Volcanic Ash has gone. The bikes have been in MotoAdventura (nice helpful people) since 9AM Monday Morning, I got mine back yesterday but we've been waiting for a new decrompression lever from BMW Santiago and it only arrived an hour and a half ago for Fiona's bike, I left the mechanic re building it and hopefully we'll pick it up later tonight. This is the problem that was allegedly fixed by Motorrad in Edinburgh so excuse me if I'm not that confident, also looks like we will have to pay for the work and try to get it back from BMW when we get home, so far my thoughts on BMW are un printable. Not a major issue just damned annoying. We've had a trip into Osorno but its just like any other medium sized town in Summer, full of shoppers so not my thing really. Luckily we are staying in a really nice hostel where last night I had probably the best meal I've had in 9 weeks, Hostel Truyaca only 5 minutes from the BMW shop and recomended! The plan is to head North to the waterfall at Salto Del Laja, all going well!
Try doing this with the real thing!
And for 5 bonus points name the AC DC track this reminds you of?
This is Arturo Prat or A. Prat
He was killed shortly after boarding the Peruvian armored monitor Huáscar at the Naval Battle of Iquique after the ship under his command, the Esmeralda, was rammed by the Peruvian monitor. Prat, as captain of the Esmeralda, was the first to board the Huáscar.
Now considered a national Hero, but you wonder whether being first on the Peruvian ship he was being a Prat? Along with the other National Hero Bernardo O Higgens his statue is everywhere!
Not sure this is entirely safe
Not sure what this is but its BIG, For 2 bonus points name that bird
Reminds me of hame
Nice 20's Ford hiding in a garage!


  1. Hola Fi y Gino,
    For 2 points the bird is a Black-faced Ibis, only saw a pair at a distance through bino's, so nice to view your grand picture. Also like the "Nice 20's Ford hiding in a garage!". Have you arranged the container and closed the deal? Suit Fi, you and Sandy with 'mob' suits! ;¬)
    As for the sweetbreads, not many of them in a tin of Fray Bentos! Shame about the BuMW build quality, just hope the bills don't jepordise the meanderings. Plenty snow still here, now turning icy and another big dollop on the way for Friday, afore a cracking big 'Low' comes in from the 'Pond' for a weekend hooly and causes flash flooding! Snorkels and flippers ready!
    Toodle pip, Bill.

  2. Loads of them here Bill, got to within 10 feet of one today before it took off, impressive wingspan! Nope its a family car, the owner of the Hostal been working on it since he was 14 and reckons its been in the family since new. Just glad to get the bike back, we'll worry about the Bill when we get back!

    Gino & Fiona

  3. Hey Gino and Mrs.
    Sorry to hear of your mechanical troubles; at least you were not in the middle of nowhere. looks like a cool place.
    As far as the AC/DC thing goes, I haven't a clue. I would guess that you rub the bronze bull nads for good luck, like kissing the blarney stone, hahah
    Thanks for the post and keep doing it well.

    1. Cheers Don, you don't get the 5 bonus points ha ha

  4. I'm ever upper class high society,
    God's gift to ballroom notoriety,
    I always fill my ballroom
    (The event is never small)
    The social pages say I've got
    The biggest balls of all

    I hereby claim 5 bonus points!
    Enjoying the blog, great pics
    Jim F

  5. Hi mate sorry I missed your call last night was out for dinner with dawn's relatives having a bit steak and chips Laura said youse were having a bit of problems with a radiator told you should have stuck to pedal power w d 40 and a puncture repair kit and you're sorted have fun cheers Craig dawn sean