Monday, 28 January 2013

Political Demo's , Bike goes to Doctors

Yesterday we had a walk to the local Park about 500 metres from the Hostel, there seemed to be a full blown demo in full flow, lots of banners and flags and lots of heavy duty police. The exception to this was the police women who had full make up on, tight uniforms and push up bras! Not sure if this was a new tactic, if any nonsense kicks off they start stripping? Interesting stuff, the demo was for sure because of the summit going on in Santiago this weekend and this particular one was about the usual human rights issues and for some reason to "free" Cuba, two opposing parties seperated by the police, it passed without incident from what we could see unlike the one on Friday night, a quote from the local paper
 " SepĂșlveda urged everyone to remain calm, and repeatedly asked the protesters to maintain order. But they did not step down, and Carabineros responded by hosing down the protesters and streets with chemically-laced water cannons."
Not sure if I like the thought of a shower with chemically laced water cannons!!
A while later we saw a guy take off his clothes, put some more clothes in the pond and proceed to wash them and himself, quite funny actually, the place has a real buzz to it and comes alive in the evening. On the way back we stopped by the fire station to take photos of some of their older fire engines, I'm sure some of my friends in the service will remember them from when they started.
This morning at the crack of Noon! Our BMW van arrived to pick up the bike, funny the van had a big "Unstoppable" sticker on the tailgate, eh, don't think so! Anyway just had a call from Claudio the main man and we hope to get the bike back fixed tomorrow afternoon (maybe) the parts are in stock so thats the main thing.
Down with that sort of thing!!
Heavy duty dudes
Free Cuba, better free whisky!
Muchos heavy duty
Artistic I thought?
Fi tries to get back to work early!
Sunday bath and laundry, try that in Scotland in January (or even June)
G'day partner
Guys let us in for a photo
Remember these Tam, Murray?
Or this, cool though
Hombre takes sick BMW to the Doctors
Now work your magic Claudio!!

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