Thursday, 3 January 2013

Penguins at last

Today we finally saw penguins, a reasonably early start saw us out of the town and then around 30 miles of Ripio to get to the Ottoway penguin reserve, funny creatures and glad we've ticked that one off the list! On the way back we stopped to get a tail light bulb for Fi's bike, we had to end up buying a box of 10, of which I got ONE to work, genuine chinese quality!! Then en route back to the hostel a mental dog chased us, catching us at every light snapping at the tyres, finally after a mile of this I got off the bike and chased it!! Well most people thought it was funny at the lights and the dog learned a few new words. Some pics & very short video to show you our day.
Saw some of these
Had to go on roads like these
Mr Penguin shouting at us
Party on the beach
Waters nice anyone for a swim?
Nah, nicer day for a wander!


  1. hola Gino and Mrs.
    I often wondered about those penguins, they seem to be half fish and half bird.
    Do they make good fish and chips?
    happy trails!

    1. Hola Don, Not sure mate, haven't tried yet ha ha, thanks

  2. Great stuff Gino, really enjoying reading your blog,


    1. Hi Craig, thanks, hope all is well with you all Gino & fi