Thursday, 17 January 2013

Is this the way to Amairillo?

Some time to look around today so we went to the Termis Amarillo a few miles back down the road, the hot water in the pool comes  from a natural hot spring (and its very hot) nice to laze around for a couple of hours in what I suppose is a natural Jaccuzi. We took a wrong turn and ended up a few miles more on the gravel than we should have, not great as part of the way we were riding through deep fine volcanic dust, oh well another experience. Chaiten where we are staying was evacuated in 2008 when the volcano erupted and covered everything in dust, then the rain started, the dust turned into a form of mud and swept away many of the houses. The people fought to be allowed to stay here and bit by bit its getting back to normal.
Sunset over Chaiten beach
Fi showing me how its done
Volcanic ash! Not good
Enjoying a "spa" day
Evidence of the Volcano still evident


  1. Hi Fi & Gino, been following the blog, the journey is getting more amazing by the day, great photo's ( the ones of Chaiten houses remind me of Coatbridge...wonder why...) Friday night here, finishing up for the weekend , no snow yet but pretty cold all the same, oot in the garage tomorrow to fight the carbs on my Zed.Take care, ride safe, enjoy. Malky

  2. Hi Malky, Thanks, its been pretty amazing so far but about to go through a "normal" patch untill we get to the Atacama Desert I think. Keep working hard mate! Gino & Fiona