Monday, 4 February 2013


Before we left Santiago we had a run up into the mountains to make sure the bikes were OK, gladly they were ( a couple of small niggles but hey ho I'll sort them myself) We headed North first to just South of Coquimbo for a nights NOISY camping, its holiday time here so all the sites are full and full of people partying!We then headed to Bahia Inglesa, once again a party campsite but we stayed Saturdayand Sunday so we could have a day on the beach Sunday.   Incredibly I managed to get burnt in overcast conditions in just under an hour. By now we were deep inside Atacama, the desert region, on Ruta 5 it was often you realised that nature was in control here although by the Pacific small towms were trying to fight back and reclaim the desert. Today we had over 300 miles in scorching heat to Antofagasta, luckily we were told to take Ruta 1 which is much more interesting but that meant a wee trip south to the mano del desierto for the obigitory photo stop. I asked another tourist to take a photo of us both at this iconic statue but he obviously can only use an I Phone and made an ar*e of it, another lesson learned!! The other issue today was petrol,we ended up using one of our Touratech fuel containers (useless for fuel) that we had been using for water, plus our two 4L jerrycans and even making sure the stove bottle was full to ensure we would have enough for the distance, that plus an enforced 55MPH top speed (except when white truck man was trying to run us over!!) although in the end we managed to find fuel in Taltal which nobody knew about. Why do BMW make an "adventure bike" where the biggest adventure is trying not to run out of fuel!!! 14Litres!! , get a grip!  A hot day and when we arrived having been riding the bikes for 8 1/2 hours solid with only picture stops so we wimped out and got a hotel!
An old case tractor used for the ski lift in times gone by (not long ago me thinks)
The Bealach on steroids 36 180 Degree hairpins (and some only half paved)
"Closer to the Edge"
Life is hard for adventure motorcyclists, relaxing in the shade!!
Big on Crosses here!!
Camping without Snow!
Sand , sand, the only problem with camping in a desert1!
Not the Dakar, normal behaviour across the beach
Nobody bats an eyelid!!
Nature rules OK
Overwhelming at times!! (good road though)
Pelican crossing (I think, keep me right Bill)
Its not all bad!
Big Desert
Fiona at the Mano Del Desierto (it should have included me!!! at least my bikes there!!)
An idea of scale!!
We keep rocking on for your entertainment!!!!!


  1. Hola Fiona & Gino,
    The image of Coquimbo, brought lots of memories back. High UV, even with cloud cover, and a favourite watering hole/red light area for sailors, holidaying Argentinians etc. Don't ask, I was with locals and celebrating the birth of a first born!
    Pelican crossing would be correct. :¬)
    As for the rubbish fuel economy/carrying capacity, this maybe an expensive but necessary answer:

    Blowing a houlie again, northerly, with snow last night (1"). Earlier in the week 20m+ waves coming into the Western Isles. Wavepower! :¬)
    Good health to you both.
    Slainte, Bill.

  2. Cheers Bill, always rely on you for an answer. We will carry on with bespoke fuel soutions
    Slainte Gino & Fiona