Saturday, 23 February 2013

Nasca Lines

My thoughts on Peru so far, the driving is bad, not in an agressive way but in a stupid way, the people have no concept of the danger they put themselves in or others, The place is also full of hustlers all trying to sell you something on the street, it becomes really annoying. Two people in our hostel yesterday had been robbed on the bus in seperate incidents and the police aren't really interested so my feelings on Peru at the moment is that it could be twinned with the Democratic Republic of Congo !
Rant over, we left this morning and headed North to the seaside town of Paracas as reccomended by some of the backpackers we met, just South of Pisco which most people said was a dump (Nasca was a dump also) En route we passed the famous Nasca lines , rather than take an expensive plane jourmey to see these Geoglyphs from the air we took the cheaper route and climbed the tower for 2 soles (around 50p) its possible to see the tree and the hands, I'm a bit sceptical about these things so I don't believe any of the many theories behind these drawings in the desert, one thing though, left un maintained the desert would surely eradicate all traces of these within a year. I'm pretty sure that some bored schoolkids drew them one day for a laugh or maybe I'd rather believe the Aliens drew them as a message, my interpretation of that message would be, keep going, nothing to see here and the driving's crap!
When we finally got into our hotel today the room wasn't ready so we had a coffee while we waited and meanwhile some thoughtful idiot (of which there are many here) must have sat or leaned on the front "beak" or mudguard of Fi's bike and broke it, we noticed it as soon as we got back to the bikes so some suprglue and cable ties have restored it  back into some funcionality . Heading North tomorrow all going well to try to get past the capital Lima, our theory being that Sunday will hopefully be quieter.
Bikes locked up inside hostel

No Goggles, gloves and wearing sandals, Health and safety 0


After the repair!

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