Monday, 11 February 2013

Escape to the sun!

Saturday morning we finally escaped San Pedro de Atacama. The road was blocked until 11am then they let us through, plenty loose gravel and sand washed across the road just to make things interesting. Into Calama to fuel up then a climb over some seriously high mountains (3600 Metres )back to Ruta 5  to head North. The GS's struggling a bit on the high climbs, no shame though they are both pretty heavy loaded. Ruta 5 up to Iquique was interesting, major roadworks as they strive to improve the North section meant diversions on the gravel, and we thought we'd left that behind! One interesting part was about 200 metres through a flooded muddy section, just like a river crossing on a main road. We rolled into Iquique and found  nice campsite by the sea, so nice we are still here (mainly because we drank too much last night) Heading to Arica tomorrow, our last town in Chile.
Our last night in San Pedro with 2 brazilian guys we met and Christian (From France) all having a discussion on Brazilian politics in Spanish!!
Waitng for the road opening, the song "We gotta get out of this place" in my head 
Fiona storming through the mud section
Dried mud, will we ever be clean again?
Sunset, bikes, whisky, perfect
Earlier on toasting the Flanders branch Towel!
When it got very messy, a wet T shirt to take the sting out of my sunburn and my Greek God impersonation, messy!!
Fiona trying to hide from the Sun


  1. Hi Gino & Fi
    I love the last pic. Looks Like Fi is knitting her dinner from a dried beef wig & a bottle of local red. LOL. Not as red as your sunburn though (looks painful).
    Rock on

    1. Aye Jim, the dangers of drink and strong sun!!

  2. That the whisky or the ooso zorba glad yer oot the rain an mudhave to get gilly to sort that hair fi x photo's great dan.

    1. Cheers Dan, Fi's impressed your now a computer guru

  3. All roads lead to the sun more like, bad weather warning here for tomorrow with heave snow forecast, hope all's well with you two. Budge

    1. Hi Budge, all fine, Peru tomorrow hopefully, in a hostel on the beach in Arica, some hippies having a rave on the beach, where's my 12 Bore!!!

  4. Flanders Branch is world famous now, great to follow ...

    Kind regards