Monday, 25 February 2013

Heading North

We left on Sunday to head North through Lima to Huacho, god knows what the traffic would be like on a weekday, Sunday through Lima was bad enough, as I said before Peruvian drivers seem to lack spacial awareness and are forever trying to pass you when there is no room, the Urban sprawl of Lima goes on for 50 Miles so it was hard going but we made good time anyway and ended up in Huacho for Sunday night. Huacho is actually quite nice, loads of money has been spent at the seafront to create a plaza and is really the first "modern" bit of Peru we've seen. It was really busy and good to see everybody out enjoying themselves and for the first time, no hustlers trying to sell you anything, much better!
Today we headed up to Trujillo, once again some interesting driving! But having said that some of the open bits of the Pan Am are superb, waves crashing on the beach on one side and desert on the other. I now realise what to expect from the drivers here, indicators are never used, neither are mirrors, or side windows come to that. Instead of looking or indicating blow the horn, once you realise that and the fact its mandatory to try to squeeze a car up your inside or outside at every opportinity then it makes sense. I got a telling off from a policeman on a bike today because my front wheel was partly on a zebra crossing at a set of lights in the manic town of Chimbote, I just thought "you are having a laugh!" pick on any of the 30 cars/ moto taxis /trucks behind me, they have all done something really stupid in the last 3 minutes!
Plan is to see some historic stuff here that Fi is researching before heading Northwards again.
Harbour at Pisco

Waiting for breakfast!

Doing the laundry & having a Sunday bath!

Big Fishing fleet in Huacho 

Moto Taxis everywhere

 Photo stop
 Fuel & water stop
 Local Gigilo perhaps? Translated it means No Money then you can't have love
 The Pan Am cuts through several towns so it keeps the average speed down a bt


  1. Murphy man here, blog is geting beter and beter.
    Writing is realy good now and how much weight have you lost. All looking great big guy, love to Fona, take care.

    1. Cheers Murphy man, aye don't need the Gym, try the South America diet ha ha, good to hear from you, will try to call AGAIN sometime
      gino & Fiona