Friday, 15 February 2013

Los Uros del titikaka

Today a bit of a tourist day to visit the floating islands on Lake Titikaka, the highest navigable lake in the world at around 4000 Metres. The islands are built by using the reeds from the lake, the roots are dug up and are buoyant, slabs tied together then reeds laid on the top to make an island, the reeds need constantly renewed and its a weird feeling walking on them. The houses are also made from reeds, they eat the reeds as a kind of digestion aid and as a tooth cleaner, you get the picture, even the boats are made from reeds. Its a bit touristy but it keeps the traditions alive so that's good otherwise another way of life would be lost. Today is also the festival of virgen de candelaria so in the town to add to the chaos there are several marching processions, quite cool actually, adds to the ambiance!
The floating school

Reed Boat next to the reed islands

Locals explaining their lifestyle to us

We went for a ride in this very colourful reed boat

The houses where the people live

Bit of sales banter (yes we did buy stuff!!)

Friday night clubing outfit?

Nice ladies wave goodbye (and sang us a song)

The Toll Boothe where the tour guys pay a tax

House removals anyone?

Dancing with a virgin

Really not sure what he was (In the procession) but we saw him later going to the bank dressed like this!


  1. Assume that as you were in tourist mode you brought the appropriate large hat and a pan pipe CD.
    Must have been weird walking in those floating houses, like having a permanent hangover?

    1. Not been offered a pan pipe CD yet although there was a guy playing on the boat when we got on yesterday! At this altitude it feels like a hangover all the time anyway but yes the floating islands are wierd
      Cheers Gino

  2. Ross, good to hear from you, no idea where your comment went, I cant see it on the blog but got it on E mail. We will be in that area a month earlier, August we have to get to Alaska, its not all fun mate, riing a bike every day, deadlines to meet ha ha. Keep in touch
    Gino & Fiona