Monday, 15 April 2013

Snakes, Frogs & scary spider!

We left Punta Arenas and headed inland to Lake Arenal, a really nice part of Costa Rica and a few degrees cooler which was good. Stunning road around the Lake and some ripio to keep our hand in. The Cabana we stopped in was nice but the smell from the drains was terrible, I'm sure something died in there! We should have complained but it didn't seem so bad last night, this morning though I was glad to get out to catch some fresh air! Last night we done a Snake tour at the small "Eco Zoo" in El Castillo, we got a bit of a raw deal as we were told we'd see monkeys as well but they were "tomorrow and only $30 Dollars each" yes right enough, robbed enough already mate!
There are seemingly 160 different kind of snakes in Costa Rica BUT only 18 will kill you! Just what we wanted to hear. Snakes aren't my thing so full marks to Fiona for holding some of the smaller ones, I took the photo from a safe distance.
Today we have headed back across the lake and to the North of Costa Rica almost to the border with the intention of doing the Nicaragua border crossing in the morning, stay tuned to see how that goes!

 Laake Arenal with the volcano in the background (last active 4 years ago) 
 Our nice but smelly hut!!
Fiona's Jugo Pina, (my beer!!)

 Fiona looking slightly nervous (but not as nervous as me!)
 These things are really big!
 Mr Angry, thank god it was toughened glass, he really didn't like my aftershave!
 The red eyed green leaf frog, or as I like to think of them, the comedy frog
 Now this disturbed me slightly, (not my hand!!) our guide feeding the spider! poor My cricket looks sad!
 Fiona above with a Comedy female frog and below with a male and female!


  1. Great blog and photos as always, don't fancy Fiona's job as indigenous animal wrangler though. Hope you both well and having a great time. John.

    1. Hola bro. Cheers. Having a ball. Hope all is good back in Perth.