Friday, 5 April 2013

Goodbye Colombia, hello Panama

It was with a certain amount of sadness we left Colombia and of course the South American Continent, South America has been fantastic, Colombia the jewel in the crown, We were lucky enough to stay at the Habitel Hotel where the concierge Eliana was excellent, going beyond the call of duty to deliver a great experience, thanks Eliana!
The flight to Panama was not without its issues, we got some grief because according to the check in girl we couldn't go to Panama without an exit ticket, trying to explain our bikes were there and we were riding North to Costa Rica seemed to confuse them! Finally after much consultation and showing of documents we got to board the flight.
Panama was a shock temperature wise, from a chilly 18 -21 degrees in Bogota to a very hot and humid 35 Degrees C in Panama. The hotel we are in is only a couple of Miles from the airport, its quite expensive and until now couldn't provide a decent wifi connection hence my lack of Comms.
Today we extricated the bikes from Panamanian Customs, all done in 2 1/2 hours of which most was the issuing of the temp import papers we need. This afternoon a trip into the huge metropolis that is Panama City to get insurance (expensive) and to see the canal, specifically the Miraflores Locks (impressive) so another busy day, just had a last wine by the pool, still hot and muggy under the palm trees so not all bad!  
The lovely and helpful Eliana

Our last look at Bogota

Hey, what happened to personal space, got this womans ass in my face first thing this morning!!

Hard earned stamps on the papers

Bikes about to be freed

The Police canine group training with sandbags on leads!


The Locks

Big petrol tanker getting towed through

Car transporter almost out to the Pacific

The revoloution tower

Life on the road isn't all hard, our pool!

Enjoying a beer after a hard day at the office


  1. That canal puts the Scottish ones to shame then.
    Can't beat lying under trees drinking a cool beer at the end of the day.
    Watch out for the Panamanian mozzies I hear they are evil.

    1. Aye bee lucky enough so far, a bit of a wind keeping them away I think,been hit a couple of times but not serious yet

  2. Now that looks like my kinda hotel ha ha,glad you both got there safely and the bikes,keep missing you on Skype ,hopefully tomorrow ,speak soon and take care ,love Laura and co xxx

    1. Aye you'd like it here sis, a tad dear though! Moved North a bit, half he price but still go a pool , speak tomorrow
      Gino & Fiona

  3. Hope your going to make use of the Panama hat you bought.hope you've got your hat on as well Fi. Hotel looks braw.
    Dan and jack xx

    1. Braw & Expensive, you've fairly got the hang of the technology!

  4. More great photies,thanks.A bit mair colour than the broon 'n grey at Comrie,temp a scorchy 1oC,keep forgetin' tyre warmers.Mind and keep me your old tyres...Great to see you at Leadburn.


    1. HI Geordie, Aye it was braw tae hae a dram (although I didn'e really need it. Scorchio here noo, surely it'll brichten up soon
      Gino & Fiona

  5. That's quite a beginning for you, Gino! But I'm glad everything worked out and you're able to enjoyed your stay in Panama. You have nice photos by the way, particularly the pool area. The trees makes it look more comfortable and peaceful.:)

    Donna Parsley