Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Yesterday we said goodbye to our new friends Dan & Sara and headed with Gianni to Boquete, a small and very nice town just in the mountains above David (the town, not the person!)  Before we left though a visitor in our room, a scorpion, obviously enjoying a sleep under my riding trousers until I woke it up! I'll be double checking my boots and gear from now on.
An excellent run on a winding and very picturesque road in 38 degrees C! (Sorry to the folks back home) After a bit we came to a regional border and a checkpoint, I thought the police were waving me on but by the roars I heard and the sudden activity from the five or so guys at the checkpoint I realised they wanted me to stop so stop I did , not fancying a bullet in the back! I got a wee telling off from the police and we explained in South America the police waving meant carry on, he pointed out this was Panama , not South America. He checked our passports, the customs guy then checked our papers and was a bit confused about us arriving into Panama via plane with motorcycles, he also pointed out that my temporary import document showed me leaving the same day we arrived, Gianni's was the same but Fi's showed 2 months. I pointed out that the woman customs person was obviously mental, after some Spanish chit chat he let us go. On this occassion it was more sensible to speak Spanish as his mood lightened a bit when he realised we weren't just gringos with no grasp of the language, I probably got off on the wrong foot by answering the "Habla Espanol" with No, Tu habla Escocia?"
We ended up at a hotel recommend by Dan & Sara, Casa Abuela whic means granny's hoose, just like granny's hieland hame but much warmer.
This morning we stayed put for a look around the place while Gianni headed for the border, he is on a much tighter timescale than us so needs to make progress, we will maybe see him again in Costa Rica which all going to plan we'll enter in a couple of days. Plenty pics to keep you all entertained today, and for the folks back home a reminder that Summer will come eventually for you.
 Uninvited house guest!
 Team photo
Fi & Sara

New Argentinian friends leaving Boquete as we arrive, heading the same way so I'm sure we'll meet up!

Saying hasta la vista to Gianni this morning

Bouquete Church

I thought I was on the set for "The Simpsons! when I saw this

Toon square

Old train carriage (never found out why it was here)

Colour everywhere

We were disappointed to find out that it was a SLOT machine and not a machine dispensing Sloth's

It's a hard life

Flanders Norton Club summer house?

Orange trees (In a catholic country!)

This is the local Golf resort, well posh, we kept waiting to be told to leave!


Looking in the window

Cool dude out the window!

We met this American couple fishing for their Golf Balls, obviously the wrong bait as they never caught any!

Enjoying a Jugo fresca after a hard day doing not much

My sad attempt at an artistic photo


  1. Glad you liked Boquete we sure did. Amazing you met Ramiro and Pia too. We will be reliving our trip as you head north. I am still reliving my spectacular exit from the parking lot! Well that's at least only my 4 th moronic move in ten months. See you in Vancouver

    1. Cheers Sara, not sure if you noticed but I almost repeated it!!
      Look forward to a beer in the North