Sunday, 28 April 2013

San Cristobel to Palenque

We left yesterday morning and made our way to Palenque, a cracking road with excellent scenery spoiled by the speed bumps, several times they caught me unaware and had me out the seat, they even have them on corners. En route we stopped to speak to fellow travellers Billy & Trish from Australia, some good banter and found out Billy is a Norton fan so plenty common ground! Trish is on a 250 Kawasaki which is currently on 182,000 KM, proving you don't need a big bike to travel the world (they are already on over 100 countries!)
We stopped a bit up the road to see the Agua Azul waterfalls, pretty nice but getting fed up being hassled by the street vendors all the time! Today we went to the Mayan ruins at Palenque, we tried to get there early but the tourists beat us to it and after an hour and a half it was just full of coach parties, my idea of hell so we left! Some pics to share with you to get a better feel of how its all panning out
 In San Cristobel at night, note behind me all the Mexican Mariachi guys hanging about...maybe Mariachi X factor?
 My bag fell off my bike going over a speed bump, I turned round but a guy had already picked it up and of course wanted a tip, not sure what a 5 foot Mexican would have done with my trousers , T shirt and size 12 (smelly) trainers if I hadn't gone back.... 

 Fellow travellers Billy & Trish with Fiona and small boy who hung around most of the time we were there, top photo is Trish's Kawa!
 Billy's 800GS
 Aguas Azul......Public baths??

 Nice spot to sweat in your bike gear!!
 Mayan Ruins, Palenque, quite impressive

 Tourist Photo!
 Temple of the scull,

 My attempt at art!!
 Indiana Jones?

 Quite a big place, it seems that they build a temple to bury their leaders in when they died, bet the brickies were poisoning the soup when work was slack!!

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