Thursday, 11 April 2013

All Roads Lead to the Moon Episode 7 (Colombia)

Today we head to the Border to Costa Rica, We have enjoyed our time in Panama, its been laid back with great weather, meanwhile a recap on Colombia


  1. Hi and glad to see all is going well for yous, another great video but don't like spiders (ever since i bought the black pig from you that sat under the tree's for a year) but apart from that all looks good, possibly doing a little trip sometime after the TT with Nigel and Wilky from the I O M to Iceland on some sort of a boat(catamaran i think) but can see me coming up with an excuse not to, coming across any big spiders not being one of them. All the best for now, Budge

    1. Ha Ha cheers Budge, just been in the jungle, spiders were to fast for me there! Boat trip sounds awesome but not for me, I'd be sick all the time!
      Cheers Gino & Fiona