Saturday, 13 April 2013

Costa Rica , Hot hot hot

We entered Costa Rica with a relatively quick border crossing, it was though very hot and humid, some minor holdup as the guya questioned my temporary import document as it had an estimated leaving date the same day as I entered , just what you don't need when its reaching 40 degrees! Thanks to Gianni who'd been through a couple of days before we knew pretty much what to expect. The girl doing the insurance ($30) must have had a good night as she was sleeping in the back of the booth and seemed to have a massive hangover. All in all one and a half hours so quite pleased with that.
We headed to our first stop in Costa Rica the Cascada Verde Hostel just outside Uvita and on the edge of a forest, recommended if you are passing, a really cool place to hang out for  couple of days. Yesterday we visited the waterfall nearby in the hope of spotting some monkeys which you can hear, especially at night when the forest comes alive but unfortunatley not so Fiona did some monkeying around for the camera instead!
Today we have further headed North to Punta Arenas, en route we stopped at a bridge to look at some pretty big crocodiles, Fiona decided wisely not to join them for a swim. We are enjoying Costa Rica, the wildlife, Flora & Fauna is amazing but the heat is incredible, we really dread having to put the bike gear on but of course its a must .
Another immigration done!

Cold drink break

Bought new specs in Panama for one Dollar, suits you sir!

The view from the balcony of our hostel

Watching the sun go down and the insects come out

Fiona studying (this is a great book)

 Hostel kitchen so it must be Pasta for tea

Bike Parking

Enjoying a cool down

 Fiona taking the plunge
 And again
Showing off now

 Watching us watching him
 It's a hard life!
I've spent all day singing "Do you know the way to San Jose"

I thought you are kidding

 These are pretty big, somebody's been feeding them!
Glad we were On the Bridge and not doing a river crossing here!


  1. Maybe spiders are not so bad after-all.
    Great photos, Budge

    1. Hi Budge, Just put some more wildlife pics on to disturb you! Ha ha