Friday, 29 March 2013


It was great to be back in Cali in the heat, we got the tyres changed the Scottoilers topped up and gave the bikes a general check over. Werner & Claudia appeared with a Swiss Italian, Giani in tow, We last saw them on the 1st of January at the end of the world, the Southernmost part in South America so it was great to catch up again. Yesterday was spent doing not very much except some over indulgence in Alcohol.
This morning (Friday) we all left together to come to Salento, the heart of Coffee growing country and a real tourist spot. It took a while to get out of Cali, first because the parking guy had lost the key for the gate, then due to navagation errors (not me for a change) then just after the airport we got pulled in at an Army roadblock, to be fair I think they were just bored and saw 5 gringos on big bikes so pulled us for entertainment. I was a bit pissed off to start with and pretended not to understand anything but they were actually nice guys (and had big guns) so we cooperated, a quick document check and some banter so it was fine, I asked if it would be OK to get a picture with them and the boss guy who had our passports obliged.
About two miles later we got pulled for a police check, now I was fed up, over 35 Degrees C in full bike gear, not good, luckily Giani was in front and after he showed his passport we all got waved through, a few miles after that I had taken the lead and then it was just Fiona and I, we had done 36 miles and it felt like we were getting nowhere, we waited at the side of the road for the others and it transpired Giani (who has had some serious stomach issues) had to stop for an emergency toilet break, I felt a bit sorry for him, that morning he pulled a tendon on his leg so he really was getting a hard time of it.
The scenery was fantastic and most of the ride today was great except for the last couple of miles which took us an hour due to the traffic, this sure is the place where half of Colombia comes for Easter it would seem! Settled into a nice Hostel here and just had a great Burger in town, no whisky though so not quite perfect!
Funny sign in the Supermarket (It means no sitting but relevant in English I think)

Man at work!

Friends re united!

My sheep seat has been replaced with an Airhawk seat so I wondered if this could be another use for it, does it suit me? 

Fiona in disguise

Ready to go

Don't mess with these guys!

Enjoying the mid day sun

A re hydrate stop

It was hot!

After taking a tortuous hour to do the last two miles a well deserved beer

Fiona looking good as usual, me looking like I've just done a milion miles

Damned Scots get everywhere

Not sure what market segment these guys are aiming at, a sign just down from our Hostel


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