Friday, 1 March 2013

Into Equador

As we left Chicalayo and picked the bikes up at the secure parking we had a bit of luck, the parking lot guy was asking us about our trip when we noticed he had a pet monkey, saves us going to the Amazon to see them, it was really funny and took a liking to Fi's mascot she has on the front of her bike, it also tried to take my (full) Hip flask, so it could have been a dead monkey!
The run from Chicolayo to Sullana was good, the only thing is the vast amount of rubbish lying everywhere, its a real shame, not good for the health of the people living here and not good for the tourists, that said the further North we went the nicer the people seem to be. Stayed in a Hostel in Sullana last night, just as you come into town from the South and only £10 for a nice room with pivate En Suite, cracked it at these prices. Filled the Scottoilers which are doing a great job up to now and changed my headlamp bulb which blew as I approached town (Fi's went last week!) Today we left a little later than planned and made our way to the border at Macara (as recommended by Barcelona Pat) Nice run up there, the scenery getting greener by the mile which was good. The crossing was quiet, only problem is the Peruvian Aduana had no electric so they couldn't copy the documents they needed so it was a waiting game, a group of Equadorian's got fed up and went back to their side of the border, a new guy came on shift and suddenly he said we could go, no idea what happened really and still no power. Into the Equador side, efficient and NO mention of SOAT (Insurance) so after a total of around 2 hours we were in.
The road From the border to Lojo was probably one of the best I've been on, twisting up and down the sides of the mountains in spectacular scenery, riding through the clouds at the top and feeling the heat in the valleys, it was great and took my mind of my increasingly sore backside. The countryside so far here has been very clean and orderly, the driving so far a bit better (but still South American). We've got a hotel here for a couple of days at least to help the backside recover and to get Insurance.
No you can't have my Whisky

OK Doll you're coming with me!

Biting my leg won't help!

Now with its special nappy on!!

House removals our speciality !

Lunch stop yesterday!

Rice fields in the North of Peru

Waiting for some electric or common sense

You see this often, note the guy on the back nonchalantly texting on his phone!


  1. Glad to see all is going well with no major probs, last video was great and yes i think you were lucky to get into you room before that rain started, i had a trip to the IOM last weekend and that is the start of my preparations for this years TT. keep the posts and videos coming, i don't comment on them all but i do look at all. Keep on having fun all the best for now Budge

    1. Cheers Budge, glad your enjoying it. Have you got a different rider for the TT?

    2. No same ride for this year, but he is going to go faster, more BHP the driver is getting fitter and hopefully 2 stone lighter between us. Cheers, Budge

    3. Shave the mouser off mate, that'll save a stone :-)

  2. Hola Fiona & Gino,
    Enjoyed the video and the latest blog. Pleased to see you both in good fettle and the 'sting' a thing of the past. As for the paper in the bucket, flies etc! I agree, at Punto Arenas you might get away with it, but Mediteranean Santiago, NO! Still, makes the tatties grow! ;¬)
    Been following this site for a few years, fancy a shot after the 'Road to the Moon'?
    Stay safe and good health.
    Regards, Bill & Kat.

    1. Thanks Bill, aye not the most hygenic places in the world. Nice site but having spent the GDP of a small African country in my previous attempt at racing I think I'll settle for travelling!
      Gino & Fiona