Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cali Colombia

The run from Popayan to Cali was only around 90 miles but interesting all the same, the crazy driving got worse, we saw at least 10 suicide overtakes and 5 of them were by the same bus, I kid you not, we were bracing ourselves for the aftermath. The Army guard every bridge here it would seem, most give you the thumbs up as you pass which I think means the road is clear and safe, some don't though and we wondered if they were just being grumpy or there was a problem.
Into Cali and the traffic was terrible, we fought our way through the City to the Casa Blanca Hostel, run by Mike from Denmark, a traveller who settled here, Mike also runs Motolombia a tour company, so if you fancy a wee break in Colombia on a hire bike with a guide, Mike's your man.
We spent today servicing the bikes ready for the next leg, a legacy of the last "service" in Osorno is that the monkey who worked on the bike as well as breaking it must have no concept of torque settings , I needed a 2 foot bar to slacken the sump nut on both bikes! Lots of bad language later and it was all done
We need to fly home tomorrow for a family emergency so will probably not be saying much for the next week or so, we plan to return in just over a week to re start the adventure again, some more of this wonderful friendly country and then Central America, remember all roads do indeed lead to the moon!
This is what constantly riding your bike does to your gloves, hopefully get a new pair when I'm home

The bikes, all clean and freshly serviced ready for the next part of the adventure
Normal service will be reduced as soon as possible

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  1. Hola,
    Sorry to read of your emergency, hope that you travel safe and can help when you arrive back.
    My regards, Bill.