Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Into Colombia

John (our friend from Ibarra) appeared in the morning to make sure we got out of town OK, excellent and thanks John. We made our way on great roads and fantastic scenery to the border, out of Equador quickly, immagration and temporary import cancelled in short order, at the Colombian side a copy of our international driving licence and passport including the immigration stamp was required so you NEED to get the copy done at the border. Fi sorted the copies out while I watched the stuff, 1 1/2 hours all told so a quick crossing! Into Ipales to get our Insurance at the supermarket in the square, the guy said I needed a copy of the import document so while I went and got that he went for lunch!!! Thanks mate! So we had lunch overlooking the square (and the bikes ) and also met a couple of fellow travellers on Chinese bikes they bought in Bolivia, Tracy from Australia and Christine from Germany, they joined us for lunch and after 10 minutes we realised why we would never buy a chinese bike, they have had a lot of pain!
We finally got our insurance (SOAT) and headed off as a group to Pasto. Keeping the speed down on this demanding but fantastic road  meant we averaged  just over 96 MPG for this stretch, an incredible record for the trip.
Tracy & I went off seperately to look for accomodation in Pasto, we parked the bikes in the centre, when we came back the girls were mobbed with  crowd asking the usual questions, where are you from, how much dd the bike cost, where are you going? The Colombian people are Incredibly frendly.
This morning Fi & I headed for Popayan, a great road but much of it was rough, potholes, slow traffic and the army were in evidence everywhere, some pretty big guns as well! But it makes you feel safe. Popayan is a really nice Town and well worth a visit. We even managed a drink in a sleazy bar here but they only had one minuture of whisky and that was their total stock so it was one drink only. Tomorrow we head for Cali god willing so the adventure continues.
Fi fending questions while we wait for insurance

Stunning scenery & roads

Fi playing the crowd 

Lunch stop

The white tanker is towing the red tanker causing chaos for miles

wearing unbelievable high heels whist riding the bike, her man was carring her handbag & Pink helmet 

Another Queue

Nice square in Popayan

Health & Safety???

Not expecting me so only 1 whisky in stock


  1. Was that the only chance you will get to drink a bar out of whisky and you blew it!!! Must try harder:)

    1. I did drink it dry, I hold the dubious distinction of doing that many many times! Nothing to be proud of!