Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Another Day in Cuenca

Last night when we came back from eating we met Louis who moved here from Canada a while ago, we asked where we could get Equador stickers for the bike and he kindly said he'd look first thing for us, This morning we decided we liked this place so we stayed for another day. Louis appeared after breakfast to say he had arranged to get stickers made at a graphic design place, top man, he then told us about his friend with the classic vans so we ended up there to keep the guys off their work for a while. A visit to the Royal Enfield dealer finished the petrolhead morning so after lunch Louis took us to the superb (free) Museum and to the smaller Brother of Machu Picchu which is on the same site, a grand day out so we are glad we stayed another day, and thanks to Louis for the tour! (and stickers).
The pictures tell a better story! 
Cool 52 truck
The office! Jukeboxes and memoribillia galore

Cool seat

The team, thanks for the time! Louis far Right

68 Ford, totally original, no welds, fantastic

Royal Enfield dealer

Ducks teaching their chics to swim

Former Inca stronghold

Fiona bothering the wildlife


This one only spoke Spanish!


  1. If you can fit that '52 Ford in a pannier, you can bring it back for me... ;-)

  2. Hola,
    Muscovy ducks, another Camelid (Llama!), 'Guinness Birds' (Toucans), finally a Ara ararauna -Blue-and-yellow Macaw. The latter are on the endangered lists! Grand photo's and like Jake, the '52 as a pannier accessory would be useful for the odd load of firewood etc.
    Good health, Bill.

    1. Hola Bill
      Thought you'd like the wildlife pics! The "52 is the guys pride and joy, Incredible condition.
      Gino & Fiona