Sunday, 10 March 2013

First day in the Northern Hemisphere

We left Quito this morning (Sunday), the roads were ok, not too busy and many people at the lights were asking us where we were from and where we were going, a very friendly goodbye to Equador's capital. After a bit of confusion we found the Equator, funnily enough in the same place its always been. There is a monument, a sundial, so we went in and listened to the guy tell us about the stars, the Equator and many other things that I promptly forgot.
Heading towards Ibarra we were befriended by local guy "John" on his Versys, he took us into Otavalo to have a look around, here we met fellow travellers from the Czech Republic on a round the world trip on a Harley, I don't envy them when the Ripio kicks in! John then took us for lunch and afterwards we got caught in a downpour but it is warm rain so its not the same as back home, he then took us to a hostel which was ideal, as I write this he has just called to say his friend in Pasto Colombia will meet us tomorrow when we get there to show us a good place to stay, so thanks John for all your help!
The Equator

 Fiona and the bikes on both Hemispheres
 I only put this one in to show my new haircut, now I look nothing like the guy in my passport!
 Fellow travellers but dont fancy this on the Ripio
Our new friend and guide John


  1. Hola Fiona and Gino,
    Takes years off you Gino, just be careful you don't get taken for a "Quachic", a member of the "Cuachicqueh"! I was just waiting for the laser to appear from the bowels of the earth along the Equator line beneath you.
    Lovely weather here, blue skies, but with a bitter wind and a maximum of 2C in the sun! Edinburgh came to a halt with snow this morning and the SE of Englandshire and the Channel Islands, blizzard conditions, worst in the CI since late '70's!
    Looking good.
    Good health, Bill & Kat.

    1. Hola Bill & Kat
      Don't know aabout that! Great run today , border crossing OK but long wait for insurance, warm here (except at the top of the hills
      Gino & Fiona

    2. Hola,
      "A shorn one" and the "Shorn ones", Aztec warriors who wore their hair in a single long length with the rest of the shaved!
      Good health, Bill.

    3. This is far too educational Bill!! Thanks
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Hello you 2 all looks really good and now that you've passed the equator should be plain sailing. All asking for you both and I try to keep them up to date but tell them just log the blog. Not much happening here apart from snow which is pissing me off. Going to the gym soon maybe tell them a story about you and a pirhanha attack. Tell ya the made up ones work great. Lots love to you both Murphy Man

    1. Don't know about that murph, Got to fly the bikes across the gap then negotiate the notorious Central America border crossings, still plenty adventures ahead!
      Take it easy at the Gym...... Gino & Fiona