Saturday, 9 March 2013

Into Quito

We spent the Day around Banos looking around, very tourist orientated place with lots of "adventure" tours going off into the Amazon and adventure sports type stuff so full of tourists. The bridge over the Gorge had bungee jumping off the bridge, we watched a couple of guys go off, the guy asked if we were having a go, even though I've lost weight there is no chance that rope would hold me, and no way would I throw myself into an at least 200 feet drop trusting the dodgy characters operating the jump. We took a taxi out to see what was meant to be a spectacular waterfall but to be honest it was underwhelming the good news is we found a great restaurant and I had my first curry since leaving the UK, excellent! We left Friday morning after a bad nights sleep due to being in the noisiest hotel we've been in so far, cheap but crap! Looking forward to the run up to Quito on the Avenida de la Volcans but it was very overcast so we never saw any of the Volcanos en route, Quito wasn't to bad to get into, a city of 2 million people and it covers a huge area but the road system seems well organised. We arrived at a hotel recommended by our new pal Louis from Cuenca and had a look around. Friday afternoon the place was busy with student types drinking in all the bars just down the road from us, so I suppose students are the same the world over!
Today we took a taxi to get the cable car up to the top of a mountain overlooking the city, it goes from over 2000 metres to over 4000, I'll be honest it was a tad worrying and I tried hard not to look down until my feet were back on Terra Firma. There was a nice Chapel at the top so I had a quick prayer to ask that we got down again in one piece. I also thought it was quite funny that they advertise Horse hire up there, I was struggling to breath so god knows how a horse with a fat guy on it gets on! All going well we will cross the Equator tomorrow so tonight could very well be our last in the Southern Hemisphere.
Fiona with Maria who we last saw in Ushuaia on Christmas eve!

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 Crazy, spot the jumper!!
Leap of Faith

Pretty waterful (but not worth the trip really)

The best food in Banos (with compulsory Che picture)

Confusing sign outside what was a Scottish themed pub (we didn't go in)

Ready for lift off! 
Quick prayer!

Amazing Views

We didn't hire a horse!

Quito from the top of a very big hill!!


  1. Hola, "Scotland Yard"!
    Quito from the top of the "Very big hill" looks worth the doing. Corrieshalloch Gorge on the way to Ullapool and a bungee from the Tummel Bridge at Faskally make Scotland good value. As for the "Restaraunt", "sin comentarios!".
    Snow showers here, with gusting NE squalls and 3C max. BRRRR!
    Same high jinks for crossing the equator when on land as when at sea? ;¬)
    Good health, Bill.

    1. Hola Amigos, Got wet today but still warm, Equator crossing ritual only led to photo taking! Now in the Northern Hemisphere!
      Gino & Fiona