Sunday, 28 July 2013

Vancouver to Williams Lake via Kelowna

We left Vancouver hoping my overheating issue had been solved but after 96 miles pulling uphill at 65MPH in 36 Degree Celsius heat it was obvious it hadn't, the next 150 miles were terrible. What should have been a really nice ride through the mountains and forests of British Columbia was a nightmare, my bike constantly overheating, at one point we tried towing but it was a serious uphill slope and we were dicing with many huge trucks. We limped into Kelowna, me having to switch off my bike at all of the several stop lights, shades of Fi in Santiago, ridiculous on a bike which is only just over 2 years old and with 30, 000 miles on it has turned out to be so bad. BMW is the ultimate adventure bike, its a F&&&&&& adventure to see if you can make it to the next town! We made it to Nigels house and met Nigels wife Elma and two sons Luke & Robin, Elma' s Brother and family were also there over from Holland for a holiday, despite there being a very full house we were made very welcome.
Luke knew of an additive which some of the car racers used to lower the engine temp so he went off to get me more coolant and some additive (with a great discount....thanks Luke)
Drinking and watching Robin play football was the nights entertainment. After a long lie Nigel showed us around Kelowna (really nice town) and after lunch I changed the coolant again!!
More partying and great to see Mark again following the Wyoming Norton meeting, Mark offered to show us the road up to Sorrento the following day (about 110 miles away) so Saturday saw the three of us head after our goodbyes to Nigel and family up some great roads. A stop for coffee and we met up with Eddie, a 76 year old ex pat Lancastrian still riding his Triumph Thruxton to keep him young, these guys are an inspiration! Onto the excellent motorcycle Museum at Sorrento, great to see a good mix of bikes, also another farewell to Mark, last night camping in a very noisy campsite (5 feet from the road!) then today a much cooler ride to Williams Lake  (thankfully the bike has behaved till now)
So far really enjoying Canada, great people and great roads but why is our trip being governed by how far our bikes go without issues? Today we had to take a different route just to stay on a busier road in case of issues, adventure biking? .......really?....
Gas stop just outside Vancouver

Another Cool down stop.......boring now!!!!!

Chef Nigel cooking Brekkie

Saying Bye to Elma , her Brother and family!

Eddie (centre) not lost tthe accent (or bonnet) after 50 odd years, our guide Mark (Right)

RG500 in the Museum.mmmmm

Cool wine glass but with 30% Liquor tax its expensive to have a don't ask day!

Sunset, the best time of day

Camping next to the road!!!

Normal lunch pose


  1. Hi Fi & Gino, glad to see you are now in Canada, the best people in the world...after Scot's of course :-), it's like Scotland on Steroids, as you know Iam a big fan although usually for me in the snow.Are you doing route 99?? Sea to Sky Highway, its fantastic!! but miss out going into whistler,not a proper ski resort, too many poseurs, guess it will be the same in sun!Great to see some places that I actually recognise and love, glad you both are experiencing them too, albeit on an overheating BMW ;-) All the best, keep up the photo's and stories, Cheers, Malky

    1. Hi Malky
      Great to hear from you, aye it keeps reminding us of Scotland, its cooled down the last 2 days so hopefully the bike will cope better. I'll have a look at Hwy 99 and see if its en route. Don't work too hard!!
      Gino & Fi

  2. Hi glad you're enjoying Canada , hope bike.behaves better ,not spoke in a couple of weeks ,hope to speak on Skype this week ,take care and speak soon ,Laura and co xxxxxxxx

    1. Good to catch up this morning sis, hopefully get a better blether at the weekend xxxxx

  3. Ciao Gino and Fiona - no doubt you have been through all this already, but: System Diagnostics

    Have you tried removing the thermostat?

    This is further evidence that you should have used a reliable air-cooled machine for your travels instead of that over-complicated Teutonic crap... ;-) Air-cooling, carburettor and pushrods :)

    1. Cheers Jake
      Aye been through all the stuff, hopefully now its a bit cooler things will improve. Thanks for the links and yes I agree!!