Thursday, 25 July 2013

Into Canada

We headed along the I 90 West which was fine for a while but an obvious airlock in my coolant system was ensuring the bike kept overheating, really not happy just now with my bike! We headed off the I 90 to get back onto the small roads and head into the mountains North of Washington as reccomended by Mark at the Norton Rally. An overnight stop at Winthorp, a cool cowboy style town, followed by a stunning ride along Highway 20! Totally recommended its a must do road! Just before we met the highway to head up into Canada we met up with Sean & Brian who had ridden across to the Norton meeting on an old Ariel Red Hunter and  Model 7 Norton, good effort lads, got to be a 3000 mile round trip.
The Canadian USA crossing was the fastest ever, 10 minutes, no grieff and we were into Canada, our 13th Country this trip and the 20,000 mile mark . Into Vancouver and met up with Dan (Sara's other half) We met with them last in Panama, they are now home for a 3 month work break! before rejoining their bikes in September for the trip South. Ramires & Pia who we also met in Panama were staying with them so we had an excellent meal together, cheers Dan!
Yesterday we headed into the city and met with Dan and sara for a whistlestop tour of the town and a beer (thanks again guys, much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you in Scotland next year!)
In the evening we met up with Martin Connachy and family who had just arrived to celebrate the birth of their first grandchild in Vancouver, congrats again Martin & Agnes. So our first couple of days in Canada have been spent amongs friends and today we head North West to Kelowna to meet up with Nigel Whittaker who we were with in Wyoming. After that we will be back on our own for the push North to Alaska!
Leaving our digs for the night, the mist in the hills is actually smoke from a huge forest fire just down the road!

Lunch Q&A session


The stunning Highway 20

Sean & Brian fill up for the last time before home

Highway 20 scenery

Tourist photo

Super quick Canadian border

Vancouver seafront, busy place for planes!


Really nice City, well worth a visit

Our guides, friends and fellow travellers Sara & Dan

The Connachy's & Rondelli's celebrate

Heading this way in an hour or so, you always need Hope!


  1. Hi Gino/Fiona,
    Great blog and glad to see more scenery snaps than motorbikes :-)
    Hope country 13 is as enjoyable as the previous 12. The Martin family all doing well back in Perth and looking forward to meeting up very soon with you guys and our good friends Minnie & Mickey.
    Take Care
    BM, Nic & Lucy xx

  2. I like the m/c photos! Good to hear from you guys, hope things go well for Brians Mum.
    Looking forward to Disney ha ha
    Gino & Fiona xx