Sunday, 14 July 2013

All Roads Lead to the Moon Episode 10

So for you viewing entertainment Episode 10, we are keeping the videos a bit shorter to make them easier to manage, San Diego to Las vegas, USA part 1, more to follow......
As always comments appreciated!


  1. Rollin rollin rollin
    Keep those bike wheels rollin
    Rawhide, raaawhide
    Get em up
    Headin out
    Keep it up


  2. Great pics and video ,that's us home now ,hope you and Fiona are fine hope to speak on Skype soon ,take care Laura and co xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. As always great images. Given the temps we're having at the moment I think you've sent some of your Death Valley over here! Def. seem to be more bikes in North America. You've shown plenty of old brit machinery but is the lack of HD due to them not being around? or have you just been facing the "wrong" way?
    Glad your both still having a great time & are staying safe,
    Colin & Jackie

    1. Don't moan about the heat ha ha. Plenty HD's around, like ar$$holes , everybody has one but my camera has a HD filter
      Gino & Fiona

  4. Excellent! Thanks, you just made my lunch break real fun!