Sunday, 7 July 2013

Camping with the bears & July 4th

We headed back to the Rocky mountain National Park and spent two nights camping in the park, bear warnings everywhere but we didn't see any. Bear Safes are provided to keep all your food and smelly stuff in, really useful, all campsites should have them! We did encounter some storms but they were short lived. Back to Estes Park for July 4th celebrations and we were lucky enough to have a great view of the fireworks, we were surprised they went ahead as the area is full of serious forest fires, there was some rain that day though so maybe that saved the display.
After a couple of days doing not very much we headed to Poudre Canyon for another nights camping and we were lucky to get invited to Lloyd's tent for dinner , his wife Marge and daughter Erica had cooked up tons of food so we helped them eat it! thanks guys.
A nice run today on mainly deserted back roads to the town of Douglas (no similarity to Douglas IOM though!) The plan is to head into South Dakota for a few days now and catch the sights before the Norton Rally next Monday.
Oh and well done to Andy Murray for winning Wimbledon, I'm sure now he's broken his duck there will be plenty more!
This used to worry me

Nice being at one with nature

This is typical here, thousands of trees wiped out by Beetles, they are just left lying which means if a fire starts it is a nightmare to put out, fuelled by the dead trees on the forest floor

This is the Hydro scheme plant which powered the Stanley hotel until 1982 when a dam burst and flooded the area (and plant house) The Stanley as well as being the place the shining was filmed was also the first fully electric hotel in the US  

Home made caravan

There's a storm a brewing (thats our bear box in the foreground)

Fiona didn't think she was carrying enough so decided to carry additional firewood  

What the well dressed female motorcyclist wears to go shopping!

Celebrating July 4th with Gullane Coffee shop tea!

Who need a resturant when you can rustle this up on the petrol stove!!

Fireworks woo hoo

The morning after scene from our tent, wonderful!!

Authentic camp scene

Poudre Canyon Camp site

Another moose loose aboot this hoose

Deserted roads, sunshine, perfect!

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