Thursday, 18 July 2013

Buffalo Wyoming

So a relaxed weekend in Pine Haven in the cabins then a night in Gillete before coming to the International Norton meeting in Buffalo, Wyoming. A different meeting from the European rallies but great fun also. So for the non bike lovers this post will be a tad boring, normal travels resume tomorrow as we start to head towards the West again and hopefully make Vancouver in Canada by early next week.
I love these place names!! Plenty of these the world over!

Heading into the rain, our first soaking in months

There's a fair bit of this goes on

Nicely engineered Imp engine in a Royal Enfield Frame

My Favourite store in Buffalo, note the Norton Welcome has a Harley
Our neigbour Steve with his very nice Mk3

Nice Pink outfit, thanks to Martin for the fresh Logo'd T shirts

Canadian Vincents


Jake will like this!!

Cool cars as well

Nortons everywhere

For the purists to get mad about

Its a hard life

Love the Number plate

Nice Carb

This is for my Belgian & Dutch pals, this is all the drink on site!!! Imagine that in Europe

Some of the gang deep in sensible discussion

Jim Comstock's fuel injection system, nice!


  1. Water and iced tea...conditions can't get any more arduous for seasoned Norton rally visitors like you guys...You have my sympathy, and I drink (a single malt if you don't mind) to that! Cheers, Bennie.

  2. Surprisingly, The Triumph chop doesn't do it for me. Nice colour, but proportions are all wrong. Prefer the Norton one, but I'd take the Imp-engined bike any day, and it's the 50th Anniversary in Scone Palace in a couple of weeks.

  3. Just started to follow along, I ride an 07 f650 and have had a few run ins with the cooling system and have them all sorted out, if you need support let me know.

    1. Cheers Cal. I may need to ask for your advice, its a right PITA